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  1. I don't see the value of acquiring Hughes as a winger. Nevermind the excuse of depth, you have to play him at the center position if you'll be throwing mad proposals like I've seen in this thread. Personally, I'd go for Kakkoo or stay put at 10 and motivate the guy they pick how he should have gone #1
  2. i saw this last year but didn't really click on it not knowing how fun it could be. Thanks and also looking forward for next season
  3. two words... travis green. That is all.
  4. So op, You're saying that getting middling players are the answer.. Got it. My part is, karlsson can be the answer. If not him, then trade for a big name defenseman like subban. I've mentioned it before, enough of projects and go for home runs. I like home runs.
  5. No to Myers and Ferland. Nothing sexy about them. Enough of going to the bargain bin at free agency. Fill the other spots from within but get that game changer
  6. Sign just one player.. ONE...that would be EK. Build your team from the back end....a superstar defender... enough of this 2nd/3rd/4th liners