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  1. This gonna be ugly. 3 - nil for the preds I think it's a tie for the pms.
  2. Not cheering against the nucks. Think of this as a jinx prediction.
  3. Predict the winner and the score - Canucks 4-2Bonus question - Does Ovi score a goal? Yes, on the pp at the circle with a one time slapper.
  4. Score: Vancouver wins 6-2 Bonus question - Over/Under on 5.5 total goals scored. - Over Bonus bonus question - Which player scores first, either team. Sutter Super bonus question (10pts) - Nucks wins the Cup
  5. Best city ever. Surrey. Well yeah..
  6. I don't know why people are so uptight about Jake saying he's out of shape, needs to be in shape... C'mon, round is a shape.
  7. Yes, if we win the cup at the end of the year, I'm good.
  8. I like your idea. You're not cut from the same cloth so you offer alternatives. This is how progress works. I think the new nhl has 4 balance lines rather than having a specific checking and energy lines nowadays
  9. I have a feeling that the oilers are sniffing at signing him
  10. He's still a good guy. Birthday blessings to you, Louie, if you're reading this.
  11. and he signed for almost the league minimum...we couldn't sign him for 2 years at 1.6M total??