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  1. Hope someone gave you a globe for Christmas. Google is too much information for you
  2. I'm not sure why you need to mention that switzerland isnt part of the union but is certainly in europe
  3. Is the Rebuild ahead of schedule?

    Yes. This is not the oilers organization
  4. [Rumour] Brandon Sutter deal almost done

    Nice work or not, there was overpayment to get him but i'm one of the few ones whi thinks he's only worth less than 4. 3.75 is better with term...
  5. if gmjb is great at the draft then he should find the diamonds in the rough in the later rounds of the draft. if you're saying that he's brought in to draft at the early first round, then chances are the player will be good anyway. just wait for mackenzie's pick and choose that. lol. put players in a losing culture will not be healhy mentally and there is a big chance that they'll leave when you think the team is moving in a good direction. rebuliding on the fly but losing won't cut it. it's rebuilding and still winning that will hopefully push the team to a cup down the road.
  6. 2016 free agents Benning is planning to target

    Even if there is a remote chance of getting stamkos, you try and not shrug it of and give up. I dont care how much as you need someone like that.
  7. (Discussion) Canucks Drafting History - 2000-2010

    No way. Everyone love delorme
  8. Our future leader/face of the team need to be a warrior!

    Correction... He WAS that guy
  9. Chicago~Buff ... natural proposal

    But has done zilch in the nhl. Kane is better and proven. For this to happen, it will purely be for cap reasons for chicago
  10. Trading our first round pick

    Speaking of you... Kassian, first and something else for maata
  11. he said assistant..not full blown gm
  12. either a fish or a part of a foot
  13. [HIT] Dion Phaneuf crushes TJ Oshie.

    It is was one for us and no retaliation was done, cdc would explode from no anger, no heart, no sticking up for team mate etc yada yada
  14. and you're not the first one to mention it either