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  1. [Waivers] 14 players - Oct. 01, 2017 (All cleared)

    Well, he's still better than maybe 99% percent of people in here and he has played in the nhl so there is basis to use that excuse
  2. [Waivers] 14 players - Oct. 01, 2017 (All cleared)

    I don't get it. Just because Megna and Chaput aren't sexy names doesn't mean they're terrible. And for those of you saying they are, let's see you play and well grade you for it. They are at the pinnacle league after all
  3. Team is soft again

    as long as the canucks scores lots of goals and wins then i don't care about team toughness
  4. TSN 1040 interview with Trevor Linden

    If he answered with one of those names, will the canucks be fined for tampering? There's your answer.
  5. Cap for Edm(what do U do?)

    For a second, i though you said cup for edm and what do you do. I would start burning something.
  6. Let's Be Patient, eh?

    It's not leviosa-h
  7. 5 Reasons Why We Should Sign Jaromir Jagr

    If he comes cheap then yes but i think he'll be asking in the 3-4 million a year (and rightfully so as he's earned it) but with a clause for him to play top line minutes. But that will make it hard for management to sell the fans on the youth movement
  8. [Discussion] Why Don't We Recreate 2011?

    We needed an Ehrhoff? He was available for cheap and no one tried to snag him including the canucks. What we need is a great power play and game plans to shoot the puck on net, from the point, in the middle. Heck, get Jagr. As someone already pointed. Easier said than done.
  9. Guessing Horvat's contract extension

    7 years and 35 million will be my guess. High salary in the middle/end stages of the term
  10. But it's always a fair deal, or borderline over payment
  11. (Signing) Panthers re-sign R. Horvat

    So one Horvat down, one to go
  12. And you've been inside the locker room? I say give him a chance here.
  13. Ranking Canuck players 25 & under in the system

    Funny coz i only see op's list and no one else's
  14. Seems like he's never done a pull up in his life. Either that or he just injured himself
  15. Forget about helping the oilers whatsoever. No matter how sexy the return well be with tanev as the main piece, screw the idea of helping them win a championship in my lifetime