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  1. For a little while i thought that guddy was benched or injured until the goal. Great game especially because of the result. We are setting the emergence of one Bo Horvat. The bull is ready to lead but only after Henrik passes the torch. Lol on the comebackers
  2. Man i miss kassian. He is the type of player we need. People will argue that he's not but whatever.
  3. Going for the tan man. Tanev.
  4. I wanna see Jake laying him out with a clean hit. Then watch him get suspended for 50 games because canucks.
  5. Virt to utica for top 6 mins and there you go, space for Burr
  6. Boom!
  7. I think the missing guy is Kesler lol
  8. Talking big behind the pc. Post your pic so people can comment. Back on topic, it would have benefited the canucks if he signed here.
  9. i'm confused. did he sign or what? i thought the OP's source was invalid
  10. Trying to piss people to go to their website. He could have worded it a little gently but at least he can thumb his nose to the writer that he's in the NHL
  11. GMJB's primary goal is to ice a winning team. If it hurts someone's feeling if he gets traded here so be it. I for one want a winning team and if it requires a player of Kane's caliber to get us to the playoffs and hopefully win the cup then that's what needs to be done. If he doesn't and the team falls then ultimately his neck will be on the line.
  12. Cue the fast and furious ménage meme
  13. I always thought they win on the ice. Stupid me.
  14. hmm..what are the chances that next year a tanev for hall swap?
  15. i'm in the minority that want vrbata back. He's a great option to have on the top line as well (one of four; eriksson, hansen and burrows). A 2.5m / year will probably work, only he himself want to be back with the team. But with dim jim at the helm, who knows. He'll probably be looking at the echl's top talent and put them on the top 6