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  1. Miles Liberati Talk

    I am from North Bay and it is good seeing Liberati developing for sure. Especially as a Canucks fan! Huge win tonight for the team. Liberati is a pretty consistent player. 2nd pairing and plays a little bit of PP time. Not sure how much of a future he has with the Canucks organization, but let's hope all this experience helps him for sure. Go Troops Go and Go Canucks Go
  2. [PGT]Another Loss

    I live in Ontario and watch all the Canucks games on t.v. You don't always really get to see how good or how bad players perform in person when watching it on t.v. You have somewhat of an idea based on shorty and johns analysis at times, but watching it in person makes it even more clear. I had the chance to go watch the morning practice the day of, only Lu and Lack were practicing though with the coaches. It goes to show how much these 2 are committed to always improving their game. Both are very classy and nice (met both). From last night's game the players I were impressed with were the following: Booth (played a solid game) Richardson (work horse) Diaz and most of the D played fairly well. Garrison is pretty slow though. Player's who struggled really bad: Kassian had a brutal game. Watching the guy without the puck is just terrible. He looks lost out there most of the time. Dumb penalties as well. Burrows is not himself at all. I think he is playing injured and obviously is lack of confidence is and has been gone for a while now. Sestito and Lain. Canucks got stuck in their end most of the time when these 2 were on. D.Sedin. He is obviously not the same with H.Sedin. It's too bad he couldn't take the 2 weeks off as well, may have helped him re-energize his game. Any thoughts?
  3. Bo Horvat Talk

    I was at the game last night and had a chance to meet him before the game as well. Great guy. Very classy. He played an outstanding game against my hometown Battalions. Liberati plays on our team though!
  4. Change Needed!-Aquilini's Please Fire Gillis!

    For those who say Gillis hasn't done anything wrong, doesn't know this team. Here's a few trades/signings/classless acts of Gillis...to name a few Hodgson trade. The way he was treated was brutal. Say what you want or suggest what you want about how he wanted out. He was misused maybe by AV, but we could have gotten more then Kassian. Trading Grabner for Ballard? Taking on Ballard's contract was the dumbest thing. Treating Malhotra the way he did. Using his eye issues as a way to release him, meanwhile it is because of cap reasons (I know this from some inside sources). David Booth trade...another awful contract taken on. The way he treated Luongo throughout the past year while Schneider was here and then begged for him to stay. It is not good for team morale having Gillis as our so-called leader. Luongo was classy with the whole ordeal! And finally, while attending a team practice and game in T.O 2 years ago. The entire team, players, media, etc all i had the time and day to sign autographs, pictures, etc. GM Mike Gillis couldn't even bother for a picture. With no one even around, just sitting there in the stands watching the practice 2 rows behind him. Pretty pathetic. Show some class Gillis.
  5. Been a die-hard Canucks fan for as long as I remember. I rarely post on this board. And I know a lot of us are frustrated with this teams effort as of late. But it's really been like this all year. Our team is lacking more then we think. We are no longer an elite team, but now considered a top 10-12 team in the NHL (in my opinion). Mike Gillis has done nothing great for this team. Usually I am one to defend players or anything associated with Canucks, but I think Gillis is a classless person as well. The Aquilini family need to realize that the fans (the one's who are paying the big bucks) do not want him here anymore! It's pretty embarrassing that at the Pavel Bure night back in November that the fans of Vancouver boo'ed Mike Gillis when he was announced to say something for Bure. Hire Gilman and fire Gillis!
  6. realsportz.net to get live feeds


    "We no speak no americano" haha