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  1. Welcome to Markus Granlund !!

    Then why trade for Granlund if he's not projected to be ahead of McCann? Seriously better not be considering Horvat for Drouin.
  2. Making room?

    Wasn't Benning looking for SPEED?! I'm still trying to digest this trade and it makes little sense to me. Maybe there was something more to it. I was hoping for something like Shinkaruk, Vrbata, and Hamhuis for Drouin.
  3. Welcome to Markus Granlund !!

    Moving forward....... Sedin Horvat Sutter Granlund Where does that leave McCann? Utica for the next 2 years?
  4. Willie On Team Performance and Virt/Vrby

    I'd be putting Vrbata alongside the Twins hoping he'd score a few goals so we can get more in return at the Trade Deadline. Hamhuis did his part. I think he played the best game he's played all year. Hoping Hamhuis agreed to a Deadline deal to get us a 1st rounder and agrees to come back for a hometown discount next season. Hamhuis would make a great coach down the line.
  5. Why is Dorsett here?

    Good one! Dorsett helped Horvat a lot last year. He's the hardest working guy on the ice every night and will go to war to stick up for his teammates.
  6. Yes, Jiri Slegr is Jiri Bubla's son.
  7. Is this season more enjoyable than last?

    We all got The Youth Movement we were all asking for so I agree this season is so much more interesting than last season. The rise of Bo Horvat after the All Star break was amazing last year but does not outweigh watching Hutton, Baertschi, Virtanen, and McCann. Wish Shinkaruk was up here as well. The speed movement the team is moving towards is exciting. The negative of this year. No Eddie Lack interviews.
  8. If we didn't trade Slegr I would not have been able to purchase Slegr's gloves at the Canucks Year End Sale!
  9. Jake Virtanen | #18 | Right Wing

    Horvat's skating speed has increased a lot since pre-season. I remember him as a bit sluggish in pre-season... of course he was skating beside Shinkaruk at the time. lol Excited about Virtanen. He will need to work on his defensive play at the NHL level for Willie to play him. For the record, Snookie is the new Kesler.
  10. [Report] Canucks wont ask Alex Edler to waive NTC

    I hope the other Swedish Eddie won't be moved.
  11. You know you're an old school Canuck fan when

    When you remember Gary Smith punting the puck down the ice or stick handling to center ice.
  12. Ducks Carlyle Cries 'Fowl' in OT Defeat

    Where's the quote from Carlyle, or anyone from the Ducks for that matter?