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  1. The 3 "bad" trades...

    I was on an "Anyone but Bonino" campaign half way through last year so was happy to hear the Sutter trade.  Sutter's contract is concerning though. Lack traded.  I won't comment on that.  My username should say it all. My issues are with trading away 2 second rounders for Vey and Baertschi.  High draft picks are really important.  Stop trading them for mediocre players.
  2. Where is Jake?

    I think Jake will play and we see this line reunited when they play Edmonton on Monday(?).
  3. Expectations for Sbisa?

    It was a tough game for Sbisa. Too much flash and dash around him last night. Out of the d-men, Tanev and Bart looked to handle the speed the best. Agree with a previous poster both Sbisa and Hutton made some bad pinches last night. The difference is Hutton will learn from this.
  4. Sedins as wingers

    A concept to consider. In reality, they're already playing with Sutter at centre and the Sedins as wingers/rovers. As the previous poster eluded to, McCann has to be effective for this experiment to continue.
  5. Where would Cole Cassels go if he was in this years draft

    I was a huge fan of his Dad. Really helped Pavel Bure. Really excited about Cole. Looked great last night against Kelowna. Have we found our new Kesler?
  6. Canuck Prospect Rankings

    If numbers 1-8 turn out to be a better boost to the Canucks than Kenins we're doing pretty well. I can't see how Gaunce and Jensen are so high. What happened to Dane Fox? Definitely more offensive upside than Jensen or Gaunce are going to provide. Demko was great playing for Team USA.
  7. Favourite Plays of 2014/15

    Bo's first! Pat Quinn ceremony (not really a play). Every single time the crowd chants "Eddie!!"
  8. Baertschi sent down to the Comets..

    Just because we gave up a second for Give-a-Vey doesn't mean he has to stay here over players obviously better than him. Sven is waiver exempt so he can go down to play some guys. I think Utica is playing tonight. Let's not overhype Sven here. He played against a junior blue line corp last night, and yes I include Justin Schultz in that group. Personally would love to see Sven in the lineup to stick it to his old team!
  9. Jake Virtanen Talk

    Horvat's skating speed has increased a lot since pre-season. I remember him as a bit sluggish in pre-season... of course he was skating beside Shinkaruk at the time. lol Excited about Virtanen. He will need to work on his defensive play at the NHL level for Willie to play him. For the record, Snookie is the new Kesler.
  10. Linden Vey being underrated on CDC

    I haven't been a Vey fan. Had always thought he was a bit weak on the puck and along the boards, causing a lot of turnovers. Willie must be doing something right cause Vey has improved leaps and bounds, even from before the All Star break. Still not there yet but I can see signs of hope.
  11. Rate the players concept

    A ton of '1' votes for a guy who scored a hat trick?
  12. The best thing I like about your post is you left Vey sitting in the press box.
  13. (Proposal) Kane for Jensen

    It would take at least Bonino, Kassian, and Jensen for Kane.
  14. Who will be our next captain?

    Cole Cassels.
  15. Time to rebuild

    Richardson has been nothing but fantastic for the team. It's no coincidence that our PK went from 1st in the league to letting a goal in almost every game without Richie. Remember when Richardson, Matthias, and Hansen were tearing it up until a cheap elbow on Matthias from Robidas.