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  1. shut up....just kidding haha fair enough

  2. Same with SChneider! Kind of a dumb comment considering how many games we've played... But regardelss you're right he played a good game~
  3. it was locked due to substance but also the language. any post telling people to "shut up" will lead to posters telling u to shut up...among other things :)


    it wont do you wrong bud

  5. team 1040 rocks my world.

  6. reading the titles of all your topics made me feel like a better person and also ashamed at how dumb you make all hockey fans look thats all.

  7. your sig. is dope.

  9. You live in Toronto and talk like a leaf fan...may as well just make the transfer over to them because we have enough bandwagoning fans ere we dont need your useless opinion

  10. not trying to pick a fight buddy at first thought you were a troll. just thought you might be underestimating how highly regarded cory is around league but it seems youre not alone

  11. Third line? now youve got to be joking obviously kesler won't leave his chemistry with raymond to play with hansen. And the OP is obvously just trying to be annoying so who cares, and yes kesler carries him beacuse thats who played on a line with all last year....idiot.
  12. Oh nothin' too much. Just waiting for the game that's on today. Kessy should score today, eh? =P

  13. Just exploring CDC i guess whatsup with you

  14. Thanks for the visit. What's up?