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  1. aaaa I cant delete it I feel another ban coming

  2. There are Mods that just lock and delete topics.... it makes them feel important in their pitiful, meaningless existence it is quite annoying when you want to talk you can always go onto another site where the moderators aren't anal.

  3. Well if the Canucks win the Cup I will run a naked mile through Vancouver

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Mr.DirtyDangles


      ^ Uh no leavin' this one alone lol to easy :)

    3. Canuckthecup


      Well thats no fun Vanfan73 are you bashful, I will do it I don't care I mean if thats what it takes to win the cup!

    4. Canuckthecup
  4. I think we should start planning our Stanley Cup parade!!!!

    1. Bertuzzi Babe

      Bertuzzi Babe

      Never count your chickens till the eggs are all hatched and the chicks are hopping down Robson in their Canucks sweaters! :P

    2. Canuckthecup


      Haha that I would like to see no doubt :)

  5. Nice 7th straight win against TO priceless Burke grabbing his head when Raymond scored the winner!!

    1. SpinDrive


      I cherish those kinds of moments.

    2. IrishCanuck83


      Toronto are just the warm up act, Canucks are the Headliners and let that be the way until the end of time

  6. How dare you compare Shirokov to Bure lol just bugging you :)

  7. Nucks better wipe it up with Chicago!

    1. Brad Marchand

      Brad Marchand

      Most here think they won't.

      We need Hamhuis.

  8. First win of the season I am stoked!!!!

  9. I got banned for the comment I posted on here a while back lol. Probably my best comeback (I suck at comebacks) -- and it was greeted with a ban! Hah!

  10. Too bad stupidity isn't painful.

  11. You make more posts a day than I have made since I have joined nice point idiot...

  12. You have some online fetish with CDC don't you. I see you have no knowledge of hockey you just sit and say negative things your post count doesn't make you a hockey fan dummy!

  13. I like how my opinionated topic got locked for 'lack of substance' by your little internet gf keep on making this site look bad with your negative attitude!