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  1. ...Are we really putting Yakupov in the same thread as Juolevi....
  2. A saucer pass for a goal and a Bo style power drive to the net....improving indeed...!
  3. I keep saying this ...but it needs to said over and over again...his knee, hip and back injuries have kept him with a stiff gait and from turning smoothly...give him a few months too a year to get everything working together smoothly and his skating will improve immensely...!
  4. Hey...I would like to get some of those real Canuck fans you are advertising....we could sure use some of those around here....
  5. Great he got his first....but that was weak defending...Army's D. actually blocking out and providing the lane for Podz to waltz through... Still Podz did all the right things to make it work...!
  6. Neither one is known for being overly aggressive....but if they hit like Tchapuke...they would be suspended...Papa puke must be friends with Pronger....
  7. ...and they both do it way better than Edler...who is doing it better than Edler of 2 years ago... Let the kids play...1
  8. I know you are joking...but Oli's turning mechanics are bound to be behind everything else with his injuries and his straight ahead speed has always been better than Edler's....
  9. He can get off a one timer off a pass with velocity and accuracy and he has the patience to hold the puck until he gets a screen and scores off the wrister... Seems similar to Lind but may end up being more complete with more compete....!
  10. 16 points in his last 16 games...he is turning into a consistent threat ...hope he gets the defensive side of his game down now....
  11. It has started well...too... Oli will be fine...!
  12. Jake is becoming more than he was game by game...he has made it to the 2nd PP unit and he holds on to the puck until there is a safe but also good option and makes the pass to the stick. Over the last few weeks he has matured enough to start seeing the play instead of being behind the play. If he hit like Tchapuke ....he would get suspended in the blink of an eye...I have no idea what Pronger is thinking...but my guess is that he is friends with Papa puke,,,,
  13. I take full responsibility for the loss....Pizza must have read my post...and played like it was game 7 of the finals...I never, ever seen him play that complete a game for us...! Seriously though, this Petey thing of hitting at least one post a game (probably averaging close to 2) is a prime example of Canuckluck....or lack of it... We need some serious mojo purveyors on the team...! and in the stands...!
  14. Hughes has been picking it up...if he keeps up the point per game pace he has been on for awhile now he may get close in points to Svech. ...and a D with that many points is more valuable and much more rare than a forward...I think I would grab him #1 in a re-draft...he is also better than Dahlin defensively and more dynamic on offense...
  15. Pizza is on the Jets 2nd pairing....we can't lose...5-1 us Petey with a 4 point game Huggy with 3....