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  1. Negative Nellie's....are you the same guys who said Bo would never make it on the team his first year, then who said Bo would never get more than 8-10 min. a game his first year...etc.,etc.,etc. ....Bo scored at almost a point a game pace the last half of last year, I have no doubt that is what he will be (a point a game player) and much more. This is only his third season coming up. Just watch....(this time try opening your eyes)
  2. Rodin's injury was reported as a sliced tendon just below the ya a knee brace is appropriate.
  3. Jake is in Group B with Bo and Baer...Rendulic and Jake will probably swap lines for day 2....
  4. Jakes up to 229 apparently and Tryamkin was probably never 228 Lbs since his teens, he was more like 250 last year I bet and as for Buflugien he is rumoured to go through huge swings in weight up to 280 in the off season. Bo at 223 sounds right to me, Jake as well as long as the speed is still's hoping they can try the kid line almost 40 lbs of muscle and mean to go with the speed and skill. Oh and ya congrats on 25K....
  5. You do have a big head...full of space... Cassels will make the largest jump in points and playing time of all our prospects this year...blowing the ceiling right off.
  6. Jake is in Group B with Bo and Baer...Rendulic and Jake will probably swap lines for day 2....
  7. Ya...none of those guys play centre, although Rodin might be able to.
  8. If Rodin is healthy and good to go then we seem to have some options this year...of course injuries can change that in a hurry... but there will be push from below for a change.
  9. I agree...I just read this from Ben Kuzma today,talking about Baertschi: quote; Now the talk is of increased potential as a consistent second-line left-winger with Bo Horvat in the middle and perhaps Jannik Hansen on the right side on a speed line that should have finish. It’s about how the 23-
  10. Optics require the B. S. Hans line to be called the 2nd line until they aren't...WD may be waffling on it already after reviewing Horvat's second half of the season which was stellar, if Rodin clicks or Virtanen has a breakthrough Bo's line will get as many minutes. I hope Sutter and Hansen can click and push the issue of who is 2nd line....
  11. I'm thinking Benning and video tape changed WD's mind...
  12. The big difference between this pic. and the probably more recent one above is in the arms and shoulders, I suppose he could have pumped his way to that size but you would think there would be more definition in the biceps... ...I'm thinking some fancy photoshoping going down here...
  13. Gaunce will only start the season with us if; A) He has a stellar camp and shows he is a better option then Granlund or Virtanen. or B; we have an injury to one of the other forwards. Both are very possible scenarios... p.s. something weird going on with the editor...when I tried to type in a capital B and ) then when I pressed the space bar a smirky faced emoticon appeared instead of ...did it again....weird....
  14. ...seriously...not even Kyle Welwood peaked that to name a few?
  15. How people can think Cassels has reached his peak....well it's just a ridiculous idea...the kid is 20 years old. Cole will reach his peak at the same age as everyone else...i.e. between 25 and 28 years old. Also Cole will be on the Canucks by next year as a third or fourth line center.