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  1. Boeser has that "thing" Bossy but a better passer, he will be a top line player in a couple years. it.
  2. Are illuminati real...?
  3. Rodin doesn't have to beat out Hansen or any other vet. except Dorsett or maybe Burrows....Rodin is better than Chaput, Magma, Skille, Gaunce and Grandlund and Baer too. All Rodin has to do is get healthy and he will displace someone for sure.
  4. exactly...some nobody....nobody knows...if it was a player like Hall that did whatever Jesse did the suspension would have been 1 game or none.
  5. Stecher.... Juolevi and Stecher should work with Stecher doing most of the leg work with the puck....that said...Oli made a total steath move on a guy and tried to snipe it top corner, it just missed....he virtually disappeared in front of the dude and reappeared on the other side with the puck! smoooooth.... Top pairing for both real soon...Stecher is already there. I see an upside of 50+ points for each of them and 10+ goals, in their prime of course.
  6. Great for Brisebois...but what's with Tampa...they have 6 players named to the team...that's one/fifth of the players invited!
  7. ...that'a heresy....Heretic...I guess that's no surprise though..
  8. I believe a line of Rodin / Horvat / Eriksson could see as many minutes as the Sedins by season's end if not the trade deadline. They all will be playing in the PK and 1st or 2nd PP as well. Whichever line is getting the most minutes is the dD'facto first line....I think they will be scoring more per game by then as well though, to cement first line status. the Sedin's don't have to go....
  9. Willie is better than Tort's...that much is certain. WD's nervous twitch behind the bench....although not his fault, at all....might be stress inducing for the players in front of him....just saying..... A coach that yells at you like Tort's might actually be less damaging than a coach that is shaking like a leaf and telling the boys something like "hold on for the onslaught for the first 5 minutes of the third" ( something like what Bo said they were told in the Chicago game). My choice of coaches would neither yell in anger or shake in perceived coach would tell the boys to keep pushing, just they way they did in the first 2 periods. Play with heart and stay the course ...above all ...have no Fear. Hope your reading this Edler....I am thinking of you here...Stecher is perfect for you, to learn how to play without fear, but still stay within your game. Willie is a good guy....probably has to go somewhere else...
  10. Rodin is a rookie and doesn't need protecting....
  11. I think it stems from the first Vancouver hockey team...the Vancouver Millionaires won the championship around the turn of the last century... the Millionaires were paid horribly by there millionaire owners and the brash, uppity, "nose in the air" name has haunted us with bad luck ever since. The great humility of the Sedins is the only reason we have come close to another's going to take some very strange twist of fate to get that monkey off our backs....we need an immaculate conceptualization....
  12. To me it looked like Edler was actually getting out of the way, on the game tying was like a brain fart...him thinking don't screen the goalie or something when he should have been attacking the puck carrier.
  13. ...people have nowhere else to go....poor people...poor Lockwood...
  14. Here is the deal.... The sky has fallen...we are still alive though... We are 3 wins out of FIRST place in the division ... we are 3 points out of a playoff spot for third place in the division!!! After all the terrible, horrible luck and questionable calls from the Ref's....we still have a clear path to a playoff spot. We beat NY and should have beat MTL ....The sky may still fall some more though...
  15. ...ya, they have become defensive splitting up that is probably a plus on the defensive side. We need Rodin back, then we can have 3 lines that can score instead of barely 2 lines...some puck luck has to happen at some point as well, we get Hansen back with Rodin and we may not need to split the twins.