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  1. Benning Linden and Willie

    ...Uhmmm... No? wait...Yes!
  2. [Recall] Canucks Recall Pedan, Reassign Fedun

    They get an NHL paycheck and get to practice with the team. That way they will be more prepared when they do get a chance to play. I think Pedan gets a game or more if only because we really don't have another one of him...Sbisa's the next closest for a "type" of player.
  3. Jannik "Stone Hands" Hansen

    Stone hands no more...the mind and hands have caught up to the feet.
  4. ...sorry not time....gotta go....
  5. If the Canucks miss the Playoffs

    Who else did Benning have to put in the lineup? McCann beat Vey out for 4C, sending Gaunce down allowed us to keep Virtanen up otherwise he was CHL junior bound...same for McCann. Hutton staying did not cause anyone to go, Weber is still here and playing due to injuries. All that was said by keeping them was "get it together Vey"....and wake up sleepy November veteran's... time to play for your trade deadline positions.
  6. JB sends out scouts to watch Swedish Leagues leading scorer - Anton Rodin

    So, close to 6' and 175 or so...that's stat' is a hat trick and 28 pts. in 20 games. Trade Sbisa or Edler or Hamhuis and Baer for Hamonic and get Rodin in the lineup.
  7. A little game day optimism can't day I will be at least close to right. I hope Jake holds himself least enough to draw an instigator penalty! I don't think he should be fighting much this year, only when really needed.
  8. Shouldn't you be Ohio bound...especially if your going to keep up that team spirit... the Blue jackets are leaving, the Blue jackets are leaving... bye, bye 6-0 Canucks...Botrick, McCann, Baer and Hansen.
  9. 1)  We didn't have Prust and Virtanen is playing banged up. 2) Sbisa threw an ill advised hit on their best Rookie. 3) The ref's continue to hate us...
  10. Bo Horvat has been absolutely terrible this season

    Bo put's in the shots he has wrung off the post, his winger's put in half the first rate setups he has given them ... all of a sudden we would be discussing Bo's chances to make the 23 and under NA team for the tourney coming up with his point a game ave. This is just hasn't changed for  forty years ever ! Bo and bud's are just about to change that... Bo train is still on track... just watch....
  11. Grenier recalled shinkaruk sent down.

    Fixed the D., the numbers.
  12. Ben Hutton Talk

    Message to Willie; Play Hutton with Tanev. Hammer is teaching him how not to throw a hip check and how not to through a long bomb up the middle. Edler is showing him how not to run a power play, make a pinch along the boards, get a shot through (at least past the first guy), as well as look behind you before making a drop pass... I love Edler in the defensive zone but like Bieksa he is not the sharpest knife in the drawer and the synapses don't quite make it from his brain to his hands in time. Hammer is great on team Canada...way more brain farts with us...maybe tries to hard to do to much. Do not ruin Hutton...I see bad "look alike" habits developing Ben needs a solid partner.
  13. Guillaume Brisebois Talk

    I couldn't watch all of the game but GB looked like the most solid of the D., he is big and mobile, looks to have filled out some already from his draft weight.
  14. Not sure Sven is a rookie but if he is Markstrom probably is too so that would be 6 rookies and one sophomore (Bo).
  15. Rad has's a circular condition...propagates on itself.