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  1. TSN reports he is out long term and the Province reports Willie as saying he is going to play Rodin and Reid Boucher will have to wait....sounds to me like no one knows what is going on with Rodin.
  2. You beat you to it....
  3. Word.
  4. Rodin has showed enough to deserve some playing time...he can steal pucks away, he can pass through defensive players, he is tenacious on the puck and he knows where to be to score the goals or make the goal scoring pass from. WD is blind or blindly distracted by the all the rest of the bad plays going on to notice the rookie making good plays....
  5. If Rodin's knee is sore again, that would explain some of it alright but a "bump" to the knee should come around in a few days, if he overstretched the tendons and ligaments that were severed in the original accident, that would be worse, maybe a few weeks off again....oh boy... I know he can be a top 6 guy if he can only get some healthy playing time and he is feisty enough and defensively aware enough to be in the bottom 6 .
  6. ...again...i disagree.
  7. ....ever hear of Blind Willie....he's our coach...
  8. It's WD ....he is not able to see talent right in front of him. Right from before his rookie year I was saying how Horvat was going to be great and a scorer...even up to the beginning of this year WD was quoted as saying "we don't want Bo concentrating on scoring" (meaning he is a defensive forward). Willie is wonky and I am not sure how management can't see this either. Rodin has shown glimpses of elite talent in passing and in defensive plays/ takeaway's, etc.,....all with virtually no playing time. Play him, take out Chaput or Magma or Skille....just play him before it's to late!!!!
  9. uhmmm.... ....we have the longest whinning streak in the NHL....winning streak too....! ...we are 1 point...yes one point out of a playoff spot now...! ....we have/had the youngest D. in the NHL when Edler and Tanev were out....oh and...we had Edler and Tanev out with Hansen and Dorsett as well... ...we have a top 6 forward sitting the press box....Willie, Willie....Willie or won't he put Rodin with the Sedins or Horvat.... ...we have Stecher and Tryamkin improving game by game, same for all the new bottom 6 guys... ...we have one of the strongest pair of goalies in the NHL... Erikkson will wake up soon...he just needs a couple games of good luck. All in all we are who I thought we sniper shy of a solid playoff team....Boeser get's his chance next year. If Rodin get's some playing time soon we may make the playoffs yet....
  10. OJ was +1 and had 7 shots on goal in his final world junior game.
  11. ....I think he is hurting....
  12. Rodin took a big hit early on in that game....he is going to need to keep his head up more with the way he plays even more so then most.
  13. ...and when Tuachukle returned he would be suspended his first game back for doing something stupid trying to protect a Sedin or a smurf.... Juolevi we trust....
  14. ....just watch....