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  1. This is hockey talk it is talk about humanity and is what any decent person would want to talk Stecher (quote below) I got an idea why not keep your profanity out of this forum.... Speaking to the media on Wednesday, Vancouver Canucks defenceman Troy Stecher was asked if he had seen the graphic video and what his reaction was to the incident. “Personally I haven’t seen the video, I’ve heard all about the context and the incident,” he said. “It’s heart-wrenching, it’s disgusting. Just like anything in life as a team, we need to come together and we need change, and this is direct evidence of that. Thoughts and prayers are obviously with his family and that community.” END QUOTE The whole world needs to speak up and keep speaking up in any forum available to do that...!!!!!!!!!
  2. For some of us ....this is our only forum we belong too... It is way more important to talk about and try to change the massive meltdown in humanity that is going on in the will only spill over to Canada anyway...! If the Donald gets in by whatever illegal means he uses....our world will never be the same....and may never make through the decade...period. There has never been this much BS floating around and taken as gospel by ignorant racists down there who wouldn't care to know the truth... The truth is that the world....because of the in a desperate situation and will only get worse unless we all speak up... And keep on speaking up. There is a virus killing this planet and it is fear and hatred by ignorant rich people who only want more money and don't want people of colour any where near them. The virus is Racism...It will destroy the world as we know it ...if we don't do all we can to stop it NOW...! Hockey or any sport can't survive in the world of division caused by the fool on the hill....
  3. Starting last game with Eriksson on the first line with EP was a huge mistake.... Starting Eriksson anywhere ...when Big Mac is sitting isn't going to work either...sit LE and our team becomes bigger, faster and stronger... ...cant' kill penalties if your in the penalty box anyway and killing penalties isn't enough to keep in the line-up ...!
  4. Here's a prediction... We win again...4-3 with the usual culprits providing the goals and assists Which will give us THE TOP 5 POINT PRODUCERS in the playoffs...!!!! Most of the top 10 right now is either out of the playoffs or will be shortly....
  5. Tchapuke...probably won't fight a fighter... So EP is going to have to straighten him out...!
  6. We got Ferland for that....poor guy... Bring Gino back...!!!....he could probably still ragdoll any of the Blues...
  7. Current window begins... Next week....! I would rather try to trade one or 2 of Jake, Sutter, Roussel, Erikkson (of course) along with Benn to get enough space to sign Toffoli and Tanev.
  8. Rags to riches... Our whole team is going to be overflowing with talent in a year or so is already more than half way there and with Juolevi, MacEwen, Podz, Hogs, Rathbone and maybe Lind... We just have to dump some veteran salary...somehow...Ferland on LTIL will help ...maybe Erikkson will light it up a bit this post season and be sort of tradable with salary retention or a sweetener...
  9. Oli is who I thought he was elite puck moving D. As his hip gets more mobility in it he will be a complete D. He should be on our 3rd pairing to start the next series and on our 2nd PP Also Big Mac looked great...he needs more playing time as well....!
  10. The Hartman hit on EP is the same kind of hit that broke Mason Raymond's back in the 2011 final's against the should have resulted in a suspension even though EP used his alien regeneration techniques' to heal himself by the time he picked himself off the deck.... Big Mac needs to slow Fartman down some....
  11. Just looked at the boxscore and both BB and EP had 2 points but there +/- was a shutout game ...and I know all the points were not on the how do you get 2 points and 0 for plus/minus...?
  12. You can't teach "great hands in close"...or the desire to get there and make something happen when you do...!
  13. 50 years of crappy reffing... ...and counting...we should have had 6-7 PP at a minimum... Also Green needs to get his act together or be replaced...he has messed up BB and EP both of whom had great rookie seasons only to be constrained into mundaneness.... When was the last time Petey broke someones ankles...when was the last time BB hit the top corner...if he messes with QH I will be on a warpath...!