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  1. Same deal as Teves got...depth signings for the expansion draft, etc.
  2. We now have a glut of young D. and D. in general...with Hughes and Juolevi ( at some point ) making the team this year and Myers and Benn added... There is now way Woo can push his way on to the team this year...even if he deserved it. With the style of game he plays, another year in Jr. is going to better prepare him for getting crunched by NHL brutes taking revenge on Woo's hits.... We don't need 3 rookie defensemen on the just isn't going to happen that way....
  3. Buddy...those are pairings...if we play an uber offensive team...then Edler and Tanev play the most minutes...otherwise Hughes and Myers will... Just Watch....!
  4. Somewhere between these 2 pundits....lies the reality of Oli's situation.... As I said before he will be playing top 4 by Xmas... Hughes / Myers Juolevi / Stecher Edler / Benn or Tanev for the shutdown pair
  5. Sure...but JB and Judd are finding gems in the 2nd round and a player in the later rounds... Also it isn't going to be 5 years out of the playoffs....we make the playoffs this year and if Juolevi and Hughes do what I expect them too...we may just make some noise in the post season...! Just watch....!
  6. Bo 2.0 is what I am seeing...but he is already as fast as Bo is now and way faster than Bo was at 18...
  7. U Bett man....would have the ref's shut us down if we had that would be back to open season on body slams....
  8. Bo 2.0...with EP's anticipation and play reading for stealing pucks or getting in position on offense...he also has a pretty good one-timer. Podz could make the team and drive play a year from now if he can get out of his contract...!
  9. I do like bold predictions...but there is very little chance of this happening, our D depth has gotten way better this year; Hughes Edler Myers Stecher Tanev Benn Juolevi Fantenberg Teves Raffertey Biega Sautner Right now Woo probably slots in somewhere in the bottom 4 of those guys....and then there is Rathbone....
  10. Scoucher really knows his hockey....for a guy that looks like he never played a day of any kind of sport.... .... Ethan could be a Conner Brown you say....yes please...!
  11. That is about right...MacEwen will make the team at some point this year and we will be very glad to have him...! Only one player ranked above Zack will make the team this it might be a bit low of a ranking really...! Put that in your Trump pipe and smoke that...!
  12. ...OR.....we could wait to see how he looks in training camp...after 3 months of on ice training...and then make up our minds. Personally I think he makes it out of camp if we don't resign Hutton ...or he is the first injury call-up if we do sign Hutton...and is a top 4 by xmas...
  13. That is a cap friendly lineup for the year after next...right when we will be needing it...!