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  1. Willie on Hammer, Weber, Virtanen, and scoring about the Comet's....
  2. Willie on Hammer, Weber, Virtanen, and scoring

    Yes, except McCann was reported to be on a 2 week stint in the weight room...and then he wasn't...does he go back to that?
  3. Benning Talking To Media

    Miller and Vrbata to the Ducks for there first , second and a prospect...and then watch the Ducks dive...we end up with a top 3 pick in the first and second rounds plus our own hopefully top 6 pick.
  4. Chris Higgins Talk

    Higgins will be a bonus call up if we make the playoffs, or if we tank, he may even net something at the deadline with salary retention and as part of a bigger deal.
  5. Nikita Tryamkin Talk

  6. Jordan Subban Talk

    Sub's looked an inch taller to 5'9"ish... still think him and Tryamkin would make a great pair, Try may be even faster...he could just skate up the ice with Subban carrying the puck behind him...the other team wouldn't even be able to see Subban until he popped out to score a goal.
  7. Nikita Tryamkin Talk

    Correct...but Benning might start the conversation if he wants to see Tryamkin with the Comet's or Canuck's this post season. It probably makes more sense for Benning to just try to bring him over next year or get him to sign in the KHL for just one more year and no more. I think he would need half a year in the AHL if he came over next year.
  8. Adam Gaudette Talk

  9. Why is Linden Vey still here?

    Just going to throw my support behind Vey. Etem and Vey seem to have some good chemistry, their board work with the puck is very good and without the puck they can hound pretty good as a duo. I think Vey is doing just what Baertschi is doing...finding a comfort zone and improving the little things as well as playing with more grit and energy, week by week they are both coming along. I believe all the Vey hater's will go away by the trade deadline...Vey will be proven by then and either traded for good stuff or have a spot for next year at least.
  10. Are the Canucks Confused?

    The Canucks are no where near as confused as CDC and Benning is not confused at all. There are so many diverse opinions on here that it appears our opinions have opinions...and our issues have issues...that is confusing...  
  11. Adam Gaudette Talk

    Adams trajectory has skyrocketed ...he was written off by some after his start to the season and now the Bandwagon will be pulling through anytime and the sky is the limit....
  12. Should Miller Still Be Considered #1? (Article)

    I stopped reading after the following quote because it is wrong...the shot from the point was deflected in the first 3 or 4 feet off of the stick of the forward checking the point....    In fact when Karl Alzner netted the Capitals second goal of the game Miller was visibly frustrated at his own players, but had only himself to blame for not making a stop on a slapshot from the point with no traffic in front.   ..really wordy as well.
  13. Our Defence

    ...stop that,  you'll go blind....
  14. Jake Virtanen Talk

      I would have thought 300 pages of us telling Jake what to do would have straightened him out...probably just not paying enough attention to this thread...
  15. Curtis Valk Talk

    Right...but at the rate he is scoring that might change soon, a month or 2 in Utica at a good clip should do it.