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  1. Baertschi - Horvat - Boeser Granlund - Sutter - Rodin Sedin - Sedin - Gagner Dorsett - Gaunce- Virtanen Eriksson Burmistrov Goldy Boucher Edler - Stecher Hutton - Gudbranson Del Zotto - Tanev Holm Weircioch That is what I hope for to start the season ....if that happens we might lose either Burmistrov or Wiercioch ( if we don't keep 8 D) on waiver's .... I think the 12 forwards above Eriksson should end up more valuable to the team least by xmas...unless of course something clicks for Eriksson with one of the new guys maybe.... I just can't fit him in my lineup with the way he played whenever I was watching...I really only saw good honest effort when he was trying to battle a puck into the net ( pretty much the only way he scored last season)....just to slow on his feet....not overly quick of mind....not physical....not a great passer....due to not reading the play well. ....even his shot is mediocre. Please, please prove me wrong Eriksson!!! I do think that my line-up with the addition of Goldy when a top 9 gets injured can make it to the playoffs again.....Marky be willing....
  2. This year's top 9-10 D. are a clear step above last year's....Holm is way more of a sure thing than Larsen and Del Zotto is better than Sbisa...Wiercoch is better than Biega and we will have Guddy for more games then last year would assume. A trade is the only way I see Joulevi making the team but Holm could be the guy visibly keeping him off the team by being almost as good but more consistent.
  3. Bo was absolutely surefire in my book and I also think that there is no way they traded Schnied's if they thought Bo's ceiling was 3C...... Brock is more dynamic now but he is also coming into the league 2 years older than Bo in my mind Brock is even more surefire to make the team.... ...and outscore most of the rest of the team to boot....
  4. I will....they are both capable of the super quick release while looking not at the net shot....that actually hits the net. Austin is a bit faster and has deadlier moves but Brock can make people look stupid as well..... Brock will score 20+ goals this year unless he gets injured....and be a 30+ goal scorer from there on. I think he hits 22 this year and 28-30 next year and away we go....!!!! Horvat was our first sure fire prospect in a decade....I could see that from his rookie pre-season onward....Brock is our second sure fire prospect but will be scoring even more goals than Bo's perennial 25-30 goals (this season onward). ....just watch...
  5. Welcome aboard...and thanks for keeping us updated on Svechnikov....but we are going to squeak into the playoffs this year so.... edit....maybe we trade for Colorado's first pick and LV's as well....that would give us 2 picks in the top 5!!!!
  6. If Boeser doesn't make the team is a sign that management wants to dive to bottom again this he will be on the team because we are not trying to dive. Brock will score 20+ goals this year why shouldn't he be on the team? ....just watch....
  7. We will make the playoffs this year with no key injuries (top 9 forwards, top 5 D.)
  8. Edler just needs to stop pinching and just get the puck to Stecher or the near boards....surely Green can get that across to him. Eriksson is the "King pin" to the whole me he just doesn't fit how is Green going to deal with that if Eriksson can't reshape his game into something useful? .....stay tuned....
  9. ...7 in 17 is the only ?...hope there was a reason for that....63 in his last 40 games should have gotten some attention before pick 55 even with choppy skating.
  10. ....A line of Gadgovich, MacEwen and Virtanen should be enough to frighten most opposing teams....if Gadg can increase his speed to anywhere near those other 2 it could be a real dominant line in a couple years.
  11. It was 41 goals in his last 46 games ....just insane production for anyone....don't know how he fell out of the 1st round given that his skating has improved this season and he seems to be on the track to improve it at an accelerated pace now that he has been drafted. From HF: "Another goal (and assist) tonight. After a slow start he's posted 41 goals in his past 46 games. Simply absurd production."
  12. ....go sit on your hands in the corner...and don't turn around or get up until you see the stars....Bo, Boeser, Rodin, Stecher and more on the way....
  13. Gadjovich....scored something like 40 goals in his last 41 games...if his skating improves at all I think he may be a lock for the team....Lind is in tougher I think.
  14. The Detroit model is still alive and well..I am sure if we researched it that any team with continued success has a good number of it's players develop late. With the salary cap, if all your best player's are young it will only be a couple of years before you have to hand out big contracts to them and therefore lose some of them (see Chicago). The only way to mitigate that issue is with late bloomers and genetic oddities ( see the Sedins next contract, Jagr, etc.) that can be signed cheap and short term. If Cassels, Grennier, Subban and others keep improving and/or have a mental epiphany they will be just what we need when we are a contender again.... ...year after this one if Boeser and Goldy pan out... We need some homegrown 22-25 year old rookies coming in with the young guns...we have Rodin and Boeser, maybe Jake and Goldy this year. Cassels and the Swedes next year could be just the ticket back to the playoffs!
  15. IMO...LOL is irritating as well...and most people do use IMO not imo which is yelling according to kids these days is it not...that comes off as arrogant to I said everything stated on here is the writer's opinion unless stated otherwise.... #newspeakisannoying Dahlen is however not at all irritating...