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  1. Canucks 6 - Isles 5 Pettersson gets all 6 goals and TSN releases a report about Matthews getting two coffees instead of one. Book it.
  2. Matheson hit on Pettersson

    I found this, not sure if anyone posted it yet. Sounds like he’s doing better.
  3. Glad to see people impressed with EP. Seems to be a little scared of being hit, had a few pretty sloppy plays and mistakes, but has shown some nice hands. Obviously it’s still preseason so not worried at all about any rust or jitters
  4. [Official] 2018 Training Camp Thread

    It’s not s big deal that Roussel is missing camp is what I meant
  5. [Official] 2018 Training Camp Thread

    You realize every hockey player has probably had at least 1 conclusion in their career. Not every single one is documented. It’s not a big deal.
  6. It’s refreshing seeing people on board with these signings, as well as posting relevant stats and material as to why they are. Twitter is a gong show full of a lot of dense headed 12 year olds.
  7. Can confirm. Watched a lot of Habs games. Looked out of place at center, terrible defensively. Not his fault, but more Therrein/ Julien. Never had faith in him to learn the game. Ironic since they gave Drouin the entire year at it last year, and especially ironic when Bergevin himself says in an ideal world Drouin isn’t a center...
  8. I don’t know how to embed via my phone but 4x3.25, Beagle is 4x3. Bit long for my liking on Beagle, but Roussel I’m good with. He’ll be playing the hard minutes for years to come
  9. Can Benning nail the pick?

    Is that you Brian Burke?
  10. What ufa's should we go after?

    Not when you squat school busses
  11. I don’t think people realize that Galchenyuk didn’t play much center at all for the Habs, nor was he going to. Julien and Bergevin have both come out saying he’s a winger now (on the Habs.) Not saying I like the trade but Domi slides in nicely behind Patches on the second line. Slightly faster than Galchenyuk, but Galchenyuk had better hands and offensive instincts. Interesting to see if the Habs go for Statsny now.
  12. Can Benning nail the pick?

    Other Habs fans will hate it but it wouldn’t be terrible. He reminds me a lot of Sean Monahan tbh. Dont see Detroit passing up on Boqvist but stranger things have happened, I suppose. That being said, there’s almost no way Benning whiffs on this pick. Too much talent available.
  13. Can Benning nail the pick?

    I can see Montreal going off the board and going for Kotkaniemi. Bergevin has been hinting at not taking the most obvious choice at #3 pretty hard.