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  1. If Dorset is on LTIR why not go for this? Split up ice time fairly evenly kind of thing, as in let the "4th line" play as we aren't gunning for a cup this year so: Sedin - Sedin - Granlund Baertschi - Horvat - Boeser Eriksson - Sutter - Gagner Goldobin - Burmistrov - Rodin Gaunce Edler - Stetcher Hutton - Tanev MDZ - Gubrandson Wiercioch
  2. Its on RDS if Im not mistaken
  3. I like, right around what I would think. Would like to add another gritty RW so Virtanen can spend the year in the AHL to get his confidence up EDIT: Not exactly "gritty" but Versteeg wouldnt be terrible: Sedin - Sedin - Eriksson Baertschi - Horvat - Versteeg Rodin - Sutter - Hansen Burrows - Granlund - Dorsett
  4. This is my ringtone. Favourite Canucks game for me
  5. Going to this game, hopefully they can pull off a win
  6. a Samuelsson type player is exactly who I envisoned when I heard what Jim Benning said. Jensen had had quite a bit of time in the minors to work on his game. I would say give him next year in a defensive role with Utica, and call him up when theres injuries. Let him work on his D
  7. Do you have the overall stats?
  8. King of the ES laxgoalie
  9. I just got offered Toews for Spezza, do I do it? Stats in my head-to-head league that matter are G, A, +/-, PIM, PPP, SOG I'm leaning heavily against it, just wanted to get a second opinion.
  10. :sadno: :sadno: :sadno: :sadno: :sadno:
  11. Two OT wins, and two one goal losses.. Hoping my boys can pull it off :unsure:
  12. So the GM-less Swarm end up first in the NLL, not too shabby. I was also hoping I wouldn't have to play you first round in playoffs... Darn...
  13. Still can't get over how strong the East is...
  14. Actually scratch that. Ill stick with Macdonald for now. Hes doing fairly well
  15. Im on a little streak. I like it. Can you give Anderson the next start? Then back to Macdonald