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  1. Its on RDS if Im not mistaken
  2. I like, right around what I would think. Would like to add another gritty RW so Virtanen can spend the year in the AHL to get his confidence up EDIT: Not exactly "gritty" but Versteeg wouldnt be terrible: Sedin - Sedin - Eriksson Baertschi - Horvat - Versteeg Rodin - Sutter - Hansen Burrows - Granlund - Dorsett
  3. This is my ringtone. Favourite Canucks game for me
  4. Going to this game, hopefully they can pull off a win
  5. Both teams gain IMO. Lerhner has the potential to be an elite goalie, he's still young, and he will be Buffalo's starter for the next 10+ years if they're able to resign him and such. Ottawa gets rid of a cap dump in Legwand, solve their goalie situation, and get 21st overall in a strong draft.
  6. I wonder if Bieksa and Lack will be packaged to SJS now?
  7. Thank you Captain Hindsight!! What we do without you?
  8. a Samuelsson type player is exactly who I envisoned when I heard what Jim Benning said. Jensen had had quite a bit of time in the minors to work on his game. I would say give him next year in a defensive role with Utica, and call him up when theres injuries. Let him work on his D
  9. Trade Hansen, Higgins, and Bieksa ( ) Then make a pitch at Franson or Green, I think Franson would fit GMJB's bill better (bigger guy). Sedin - Sedin - Kassian Baertschi - Horvat - Vrbatatata Matthias - Bonino - Burrows Kenins - Richardson - Dorsett Vey Edler -Tanev Hamhuis - Green/ Franson Sbisa - Corrado Weber Miller (50/30 split in games) Lack
  10. Do you have the overall stats?
  11. King of the ES laxgoalie
  12. I just got offered Toews for Spezza, do I do it? Stats in my head-to-head league that matter are G, A, +/-, PIM, PPP, SOG I'm leaning heavily against it, just wanted to get a second opinion.
  13. :sadno: :sadno: :sadno: :sadno: :sadno:
  14. Two OT wins, and two one goal losses.. Hoping my boys can pull it off :unsure:
  15. So the GM-less Swarm end up first in the NLL, not too shabby. I was also hoping I wouldn't have to play you first round in playoffs... Darn...