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  1. Well we are five games into this shortage season and the critics, bashers and non believers are out in full force once again. I sometimes am baffled that these people can post on the actual Canucks site. Sure, the Canucks aren't 5-0 like some of their competing rivals, but is it really that big of a deal? We move into LA tonight facing a team that hasn't won at home yet and has a worse record than the Canucks. For some that may not know! LA are the Stanley Cup Champs. For a team that didn't have a lot of players playing overseas or in the AHL, I think we are doing quite well. Yesterdays loss was a great game even though they lost. I thought they were going to come back after it was 2-1 but then Lappy had a bad penatly and that was the end of the comeback. I like the big hits, fights and aggressive play much more this year than I saw of last. How often last year did you see Bieska lose his cool. Kassian is making Gillis look like a genius now with the Hodgson trade. How about one of the most bashed players the last few months? Mason Raymond . Why? This guys speed, puck control, and hard work, have him as one of the best players on the team in this early report. Sedins are a little rusty, but they'll get going. Garrison is a little gun shy and needs to start taking shots on the pp more. Less passing and more shots from the d with bodies in front. Tanev and Ballard have looked more solid than the first two pairings at times. Very happy to see that! I actually like Ballard a lot and hope he can have a great year. Others will bash me down, but the guy can hit, skate and score, not to mention drop the gloves if he needs too! Goalies are shaking out the rust, and need more smarter plays in front of the net by the d. Edler and Garrison both gave passes away in the first five minutes resulting in a 2-0 lead for the Sharks. Sounds bad, well it is, especially with the Sharks, maybe being the best team in the league right now. Hard to come back with that kind of lead. Andrew Ebbett has been satisfactory with his play and as a call up, that is what you hope to expect. The Canucks blogs have some serious bashers on Ebbett. Wish those people would look themselves in the mirror and ask themselves if they really have to write such terrible things about players or anyone. Look at these guys as normal dudes who you went to school with. Would you go on your local school community blog and say the things about them that you people write on here? Probably not! Wish a few people would just leave the blogging world or actually right some positives for once. Anyhow, back to the report Volpatti is a stud with some big fights, and I am quite excited with Hansen and the Speed of Weise. People bash Manny, but then look at the faceoffs percentage with him out of the lineup. Scary last night's game. Anyhow, I am giving the Canucks an overall B- for the first five games and am feeling that their A game is only a few games away. The Anaheim game was a great example of the possible A game that they do hold. I am hoping that last nights lost was due to an early start and some thinking about a rematch with the Stanley Cup Champs! Going to be one heck of a game. If the Canucks can kick some aez, it could be what they need to get them going on a streak like some of their rival teams. Well that is it for now in this report. See you all again! All the best to everyone in Canuck Land. Mr. C