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  1. I've already stated my reasons you're just too oblivious to see them, and continue to feel the need to make whatever I say about the Flames. Even then you still have zero clue about them because hurrr durrrr the Flames drafting sux lul. Max and Granlund have already had good seasons in the AHL and some games in the NHL. Just stahp They need to competitive? Sure but Edler or Hansen or prospects with long shot making the NHL sure ain't gonna help. Strome and Grffin are NHL ready and any GM with some sense how to build a team ain't gonna trade them for someone signed for 5 more years at 5mil hoping he gets his crap together. It's just not happening no matter how hard you try to convince yourself. But keep going with the hulk stuff though, you are beating me as far as the juvenile stuff that you're spouting.
  2. The Flames have nothing to do with what I'm trying to say so stop trying to make yourself look foolish. Even Markus Granlund and Max Reinhart are way better than Shinkaruk and Gaunce. See? I can do it too The point was that Edler and whatever you're throwing in aren't worth top prospects like Griffin or Strome, or even the fifth overall pick. You can keep dreaming but the return for Edler won't be even close to that. Also no rumours for Edler? Make a visit to the Rumors section and check from mid season on. But resulting to personal insults? Yeah so well thought out man. Thumbs up
  3. Guarenteed production? You mean the same Edler that had 22 points and posted a -39 +/- the first year he's had a defensive structure? Yeaaaaah okay. I'm sure that's why everyone is throwing Vancouver huge offers for Edler's service right? LOL and you are dreaming of the fifth overall too. By the same token Gaunce and Shinkaruk or whoever you're throwing in the deal are worthless too? Just stop you're not making any sense Mike Milbury
  4. Virtanen did have a good interview with the Flames but if either of the Sam's or Ekblad drops one of them will be our guy. Handedness doesn't matter. Chicago does pretty well with all lefties, plus they have a booming RH shot in Pulock also waiting for his chance. Edler is not needed contrary to popular belief.
  5. Lol so you would rather pay 5 mil for 5 more years to someone "hoping" he would get it together, rather than a top prospect who you'd get 6 cheap RFA years to start. Yeah okay man try to convince anyone outside of Vancouver with that. You're not supply facts just outlandish claims.
  6. Actually yeah he did play in the USHL and won the league champ and rookie of the year. Are you seriously trying to tell me NCAA isn't a major development league? Yeah whatever credibility you had left just went of ouf the window. Now stop with the proposals too.
  7. CDC Elite Hockey League - Apply Now!

    Does he actually have until Wednesday though? Damnnn
  8. And Edler's contract is NOT enormous? Anyone outside of Vancouver will take Griffin over Edler any day of the week. Stop your wild dreams warhippy
  9. lol Treliving is not taking Ritchie if Bennett is still around. He is exactly our guy, skilled and hardworking. Also pears slotting Cassels ahead of Strome if by some miracle that you do get him? Hahaha another sig worthy post This is also probably before they signed Halak, but they have Griffin who is just as good if not will be better than Tanev. So to give up Strome and AND the fifth overall they are only getting back someone they've already passed once in Shinkaruk? Yeaaaaaaah okay
  10. I can make the argument that he is with facts. Hard to take YOU seriously when all you do is make claims that aren't true. Try harder.
  11. Still has nothing to do with what I wrote. I only speak the truth and facts. You just have a tendency to cry troll when the truth starts to hurt. You make outlandish claims yet never back it up with anything. You are the very definition of a troll. Stop trying to make everything I say about the Flames and actually talk about the game of hockey for once.
  12. Umm the Isles still have Griffin Reinhart, Calvin De Haan, and Matt Donovan all possibly making the team next year. They also have Brock Nelson who is miles ahead of Gaunce. They do not need Edler hoping he would turn it around or a third liner to "push them over the top." Especially not at the expense of Strome OR the fifth overall. It's just not even close to being realistic.
  13. The guy kid likes to think he's making a point but really he never has anything to back up his "opinion". Blind hate is foolish and I'm just glad someone else sees it. And yup Brodie's skating ability is second to none as a defenseman. It's silky smooth and he gets out of difficult situations more often than not because of it. That's why he was able to play top pairing minutes with Giordano (when he was healthy) for most of the season and carried an even plus/minus, along with 31 points (compared to Edler's 22) on a far worse team on paper than the Canucks. But hey if he likes Edler and his -39 plus/minus that's fine, he's got him for four five more years and like you said at 5 million!!
  14. yeah a Dman that plays no defense, a third liner, a goalie that couldn't make the Panthers and a mere second round pick is "fairly even" for a top prospect and a top five pick. I want whatever it is that you're smoking.
  15. WcF: Chicago Blackhawks vs Los Angeles Kings

    so jelly of Doughty. What a player!!