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  1. banned for having a flashy sig, you could cause someone to go in to a seizure that
  2. banned for possibly having a condition that might make you be way from here for a little while
  3. banned if you remember goof troop
  4. Banned for cheering on the flames
  5. banned because I like cheese
  6. banned for not specifing what you are banning for
  7. enjoys playing the game twister
  8. This series has to end tonight!

  9. banned for not showing empathy about the situation
  10. banned for commenting about commenting on canuckletux's sig
  11. banned for writing the lyrics to a horrible, horrible song.
  12. banned for missing out on a boring series
  13. banned for not acting innocent
  14. banned because you are running out of something
  15. banned for using a word, i don't understand.