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  1. Maybe if we keep doing this every gameday he will score! ... (KEEP IT UP
  2. Everton with an excellent transfer window! Pienarr in, Saha out (goodbye plug) Jelavic in and a huge win over those primadonas from Man City!! WOOOOOOOOOOOO
  3. Great show... the writers keep throwing many twists and turns into the story-line so i wouldn't rule any woman we've met out of the equation to be the mother (Robin MAY be the mother as it all turns out). What happens if he is telling his kids all in his sleep and he is dreaming about robin.... and then decides to marry her cuz he finally admits that he is in love with her? IDK how it is going to end or when it will, but im enjoying every moment of it
  4. Loving the play of the AMEX line