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  1. Sure this season sucks a bit, but overall, MG has done pretty damn well in his time here. Winning record, a game away from a cup, a better prospect pool than when he came here... I mean, I'd love it if we won a cup this year, won the Hart, the art ross, selke, presidents trophy, etc.... and also had the best prospect pool... but unfortunately, there are 29 other GM's trying to do the exact same thing. He's done better than the vast majority of those other 29 GM's imo.
  2. Heh, I wont stoop to attacking another poster, but by reviewing the clues, I think most people should be able to draw the correct conclusion
  3. I love this thread. It's like going to the zoo with 100 other people to watch a few monkeys in a cage throwing fecal matter all over the place. The best part is, myself and the 100 other people get to leave when we've had our fill, but the monkeys are still stuck in their smelly cage.
  4. Thanks for your insight, I appreciate you taking the time to post. I referenced/quoted your post in the "Good article on Jensen" thread in Canucks talk: http://forum.canucks.com/topic/320339-good-article-on-jensen/ Also linked to this thread. Your insight got me slightly worried about Jensen's character, and this article did nothing to alleviate that. Cheers, Ramone
  5. Thanks for the break down. I'm also excited to see Jensen play! It's great to see another Danish player with good draft pedigree and lots of talent. That's the beauty of being big at a young age, it gives him an edge over other players like Hodgson and Schroeder who don't have a whole lot of size. I like your time line of two years for him to be making an appearance with the Canucks in Vancouver. Gives him a little bit of time. Hopefully he continues to impress. Cheers, Ramone
  6. I'm still trying to understand what you're saying here Dasein... Are you basically saying that Schroeder was having a poor season prior to his injury? So if he hadn't been injured, and simply kept pace with what he did for the first part of the season, he would've had a subpar season? I can see that point of view. I won't debate his season with you, I'm just confused by your way of saying it. What I'm reading it as is this: The controllable variable, conditioning, is excusable. IE: Jordan was not in good enough shape for a pro season and needed to prepare better in the offseason. You're saying this is excusable, he's young, he'll learn, etc. I can agree. Then it seems like you're saying that un-controllable variable, injury, is inexcusable. IE: Jordan should've sucked up the pain and performed to a better standard as soon as he was back on the ice without missing a beat. That seems a little unrealistic. Sorry if I'm nit-picking, I'm just trying to understand you're point of view. Cheers, Ramone
  7. That's pretty hilarious. On internet forums, we all gleefully wait for opportunities where the loud, abbrassive, misinformed poster gets firmly put in his place by irrefutable proof. This is a text book example. Thanks Baggins and Rupert, this made me smirk. Cheers, Ramone Edit: Although in review, Canuckelion, your post was fairly mild, and taken alone, not enough to warrant a snicker. You grudgingly give credit where credit is due (sort of), and you raise a valid question; Will Bieksa continue to play this level of hockey if the threat of trade due to Salo's immenent return is removed. Good thought. It's your previous posting history that keeps me reading your posts with one eyebrow raised in skepticism.
  8. I completely agree with you. The flames were really pressing for a while there when it was still a tight game. Leading up to that 5 minute major, I thought they were controlling the play pretty well. It took us out of the hot seat and gave the Canucks a chance to take back the momentum, and they squandered it. Full marks to the flames for a solid PK as well though.
  9. Fair enough, you're right. My brain was interpreting that a little differently (and incorrectly). Thanks for clarifying, and for sharing the stat. It'll be interesting to see how these numbers shape up as the season progresses. Cheers Ramone
  10. I read your formula for calculating this. That is definitely a great thing that we can complain about this! That's actually hard to believe they're scoring at a faster clip than the twins last year on the PP? Wow. As others have mentioned, the 2nd unit doesn't play the same puck control style we're used to seeing, so it doesn't look like they're controlling the play like the twins do. I guess if the goals are coming though.... Wallstreet brings up a valid point though, some of the goals you used in your calculation could have been scored while playing with the twins. Either way that 5 minute power play was painful last night....
  11. Heh, I love how this thread is basically ComedyClub, Sharpshooter, Employeeofthemonth and Wallstreet, along with a handful of less frequent posters having a massive ongoing, debate that won't be settled until he is either A)traded or re-signed. Oh, also HanknDan comes in and spews out some rubbish quite frequently as well. If nothing else, Bieksa has provided this forum with some entertainment via speculation on trades. I'm super curious as to how MG will play his cards.
  12. Very intereseting statistic. Thanks for posting. I always like to see stat break downs like this that show a different perspective. I'm not surprised that Edler is so low, I don't think he's been playing to his potential this year. Cheers, Ramone
  13. I agree with the sentiment of your post. Well spoke. Last night Bieksa had 3 points and played a great game. He's played great other games this year but didn't get the points. I'm sure at some point in the year he'll get a point or two but actually have had an overall poor game. You can't judge his contribution in a short term by the number of points he gets. Here's to hoping he continues playing at his best. He's a 3/4 D man, capable of filling in on either power play or shut down, like he is right now. If he could be more consistent over the year I'm sure he could be a fan favourite. I thought that he made a pretty nifty play/pass to get the puck to Torres on the game winner though, I remember saying "nice play Bieksa," and then being super surprised that it resulted in a lucky goal by Torres.
  14. Pretty much sums it up I think. I swear Bieksa could win the Norris and people would still say "trade him." He's played equally well in several other games in my opinion, but he just didn't get the points like he got tonight. Hopefully he can string together some points to quiet down some of the stupidity around here. And if he doesn't, I'll still support him as a member of the Canucks, and hope he finds a way to find the game he brought last night.
  15. Very relative stat. Thanks for posting. You're right, pretty rough outlook when you take that stat into consideration.