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  1. I'm scared about Boeser pulling a Vesey and walking as a free agent. That would be a killer. I hope he signs.
  2. I'd have no issues claiming him. Could be pretty good if he figures it out, if he doesn't nothing is lost.
  3. This has the fingerprints of a meddling owner IMO
  4. Exactly.
  5. Looks like his shoulder to me. Not that I'm anywhere near his level, but his reaction being slouched in the first after going into the boards looks a lot like how I react with my bad shoulder when I play. I've had rotator cuff issues a long time and that was just my first thought seeing him last night.
  6. Utica didn't look great for most of the game today, kind of sloppy. Stecher had a great rush and hit the crossbar, Subban, Cassels, Grenier looked good for parts of the game. Demko didn't start today but figure he will tomorrow. Super nice guy, he's huge. The players always have time for the kids, my boy was a little intimidated and would only take the pic if I was in it though LOL
  7. You're overrated.
  8. I think the Canucks will do pretty Gud
  9. If I'm Toronto I'd pull the trigger on Dvorak (already chemistry with Marner), Domi (kid is a beast and his dad is still much loved in Toronto), and the 2 firsts (draft Alex Nylander if possible). That gives them the making of 2 great lines moving forward. Trading a talent like Matthews would be a tough sell but the team would be more complete IMO.
  10. I'm pretty sure he will become my favorite player. I love the nastiness and intensity.
  11. They will wait until 2018 for the last possible minute, because the league will probably change the rule and let them off the hook.
  12. Hey guys, Just got Xbox One and looking for an EASHL club. I'm a decent player, but, not a superstar so I'm looking more for casual players that want to have some fun. I was on a team before on Xbox 360 but they wanted to be super competative so I wasn't their type let's just say. I'm mosty on weekends sometimes weekly but not often, I also live in Ontaro. anyway, if anyone had a spt ot is interested in letting me come aboard please let me know. Thanks, Chris Gamer tag: Pysanczyn
  13. He looked awesome ast night!