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  1. I would lose my mind!
  2. Especially when 85% of the time when I run the simulator Canucks are #4
  3. Owen Tippett is a guy I would look at in the 4-5 spot
  4. About 75% of the time I run this Canucks windup in 6th or 7th spot I have a feeling that is where the team will be drafting
  5. Or they were looking at the standings upside down.
  6. I was pretty much coming here to say this.
  7. This pretty much echoes the way I feel.
  8. No, that was also me who posted this in the Canucks Facebook page.
  9. He'll be alright. Just a late bloomer, he was never going to be a 30 goal guy. He's like Gautier in Toronto, defensive center taking a while to develp, just needs a little more seasoning.
  10. I was born and raised in Mississauga, Ontario (30 min west of Toronto) Never really had a team growing up, just followed players. Drake Berehowsky is a family friend (my father and uncle taught with his father families became close) even though he was only a Canuck for a cp of coffee I loved the guys on the team like Bert, Nazzy and Jovo and stuck with the Canucks ever since.
  11. I can't answer that because I really like both guys and I think they both bring something really good to the table. Gudbranson has more of a Mean Streak but both are beasts when it comes to playing physical.
  12. Same. I've never had issue with him. He is intense, and wants to win. He did well for us.
  13. Possibly. Nothing would surprise me with Lou. That way they wouldn't lose a roster player.
  14. That's a fair statement. I don't get why he would do that..
  15. Corrado has played one game in two years. Toronto really did a diservice to this kid. He would have at least got some playing time somewhere if they didn't claim him. I think he's earned the right to complain about ice time personally.