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  1. "I was sure it was the girl's fault." Dude thought that, typed it, and posted it. Just amazing. Thanks CDC. Don't grow up on me. Let's look at it again: "I was sure it was the girl's fault." "I was sure it was the girl's fault." I wonder what else goes on in that head.
  2. Well, it's pretty funny. Add all the rage and moralizing....I think we got a winner.
  3. Too much. I'm still laughing.
  4. This is the thread that keeps on giving. WHOSE TRUCK WAS IT?
  5. I think he'll be back, but I also didn't think he'd be waived.
  6. I think we can all see that Benning has no concept of Assman.
  7. Safe to say they're pissed. They already got cock-blocked by the PA. What a f@cking clown. "What, I'm just driving through the back of his head with my elbow when he can't see me coming."
  8. Another suspension for slashing?
  9. 41 games in pre-season is equivalent to one playoff game I think.
  10. True. They had ballin' chemistry. But everyone starts to look good when they play with Hammer.
  11. Let's hope so. I just skip ahead when I see a lineup, but here's mine. It's like thinking out loud. Plus I'm drinkin. Sedin-Sedin-Burrows (sad but true) Baertschi-Horvat-Vrbata Prust-Sutter-Vrtanen Dorsett-McCann-Hansen Cracker, HigPig Edler - Tanev Bartkowski-Hamhuis Sbisa-Hutton Weber Tasty.
  12. Kimmy...
  13. He said mid-summer that he was "still mad", and that he really thought they were gonna win a couple series. As I can still recall the last several years, this was welcome news. It's youth but also just change. He saw the Canucks playoff gear and was like, "what?" Also, last year he was asked about giving up early goals, letting games get out of hand, and losing to basement-dwellers, and each time he sounded pretty honest and was like, "yeah, it's strange and I'm trying to figure it out". CHANGE!!!!! I'm bullish like Apollo about this season. ELITE! Horvat for the Hart! (seriously, 30-40g?)
  14. Stupid Benning. I don't have all the facts, but I'm gonna sit here and stomp my feet in like a child, or smugly drop some analytics on you. I can't believe he traded good time charlie, for what, a real player?
  15. Just epic. And my favorite sig on here. I really think this thread has what it takes. Here's hoping it makes the big time.