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  1. omg an 18 year old forward whos known for his offensive prowess isn't great defensively? What a useless player jesus, people on this board sometimes
  2. I think people shouldn't be so quick to write Jensen's chances of sticking off so quickly. Yes, he's a long shot, but to say he has absolutely zero chance is off base. Take Jeff Skinner as an example. Now I realize that the Hurricanes are a different situation in that there was more opportunity there, then there is here, for a rookie to crack the lineup. However not many people expected Skinner to stick because he wasn't a strong skater (or that was one of the biggest knocks against him) and he's pretty small. Now I know people are fixated on who's going to get the 2nd line center job, but also remember that there is an audition right now for one of the wings on the 2nd line as Raymond is out for a while yet. Jensen has looked good and yes, I do realize that there is a danger into putting too much stock into a players performance during the pre-season, but if Jensen continues to play very well, it couldn't hurt at all to give him his 9 games and see how it goes. I understand that we want to develop prospects properly (though we haven't done such a hot job with Hodgson), but if a guy shows he can play and play at a high level at the NHL level, regardless of age, he should stick if he's outplaying other players that are vying for the same position. So don't write his chances off so quickly