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  1. They pull your hair up, but not out! Great to hear it’s been renewed for another season. Hopefully with like 45 episodes!
  2. Exactly. People seem to think they’re trying to pass the product off as super healthy. They are missing the point. The point is nothing has to be murdered so you can enjoy your dumb bbq.
  3. My wife asked why he looks so sad, haha.
  4. I actually like the green stripes more now, but I can’t get over the abnormally wide white collar.
  5. Oh, it was Irf alright. It was so painful to watch! He got it together, but at first he couldn’t spit out an entire half sentence!
  6. I wouldn’t quite say nothing, unless you don’t count the 7 points they’ve combined for! They can definitely pass too much though.
  7. I’m happy to see that Edler is keeping his offensive hot streak going.
  8. I love how every stream the canucks have ever broadcast, it seems to be everyone’s first day. Usually volume related. At least someone found the knob.
  9. Now there’s a lineup I can get excited about!
  10. They were truly terrible. I did love how annoyed they were with the outcome. They also couldn’t seem to believe that Bachman could be the first star, claiming he only made 17 saves.
  11. I’ll ask again - anyone know if they’ve released an updated roster with current heights and weights?