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  1. The only player who show up in the series for the Lame will be Tkachuk, and I hate the teams from Alberta. Avs in 6!
  2. "ok guys, first thing we need to get rid of Trevor. Oh wait, he was fired already?"
  3. I do not understand why Botchford need to scream every time he speaks when he is on H&B. His insight is good but that is pretty annoying. As for my preference, I listen to 1040 and only listen to the 650 Canucks broadcast when I am driving.
  4. It’s been like that the whole season so nothing surprising here.
  5. Now in addition to making a no-name goalie looks like a Vezina candidate, the Canucks will now make a no-name player a Rocket-Richard candidate?
  6. I will keep Green but fire Nolan Baumgartner and Newell Brown.
  7. But last time they played the Laffs took the beating of 6-2...
  8. I am not sure why Patrick Kane is not on the list.
  9. I love the way Markstrom congrats our future captain and future #1 goalie!
  10. Sitting on a 2-1 lead with an awful defense...great job!