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  1. What more does Horvat need to do to gain the trust of that bonehead so Bo will be on the first PP unit?
  2. The coach doesn't trust the guy, even though he is an All-Star!
  3. That is real gud!
  4. No, some geniuses here would say it is Benning's and Linden's faults.
  5. Maybe there is a devil side of the Twins that wants WD to be fired?
  6. I bet he will ask for a trade in his second year because...it is Edmonton.
  7. I will say after the season opener.
  8. Same here. I trust JB more than all the experts here.
  9. That extra pump when Kessel hoisted the Cup was saying "take that TORONTO!"
  10. The Hawks thought Ehrhoff still played for the Canucks...maybe???
  11. I guess not...he is invisible this game and the last two.
  12. He just wanted to get some info for his tweets.
  13. He talking to himself? Lu8ngo?
  14. Couldn't make the key save near the end of game and eventually lost it. typical Luongo I guess?