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  1. Isn't that one of Bob Hartley's former player accused him of bullying?
  2. His situation is not "leaving his job for a lower wage job", he was fired and I am pretty sure he will consider all the possibilities. Using your example if you are fired from your job and there is another lower-wage job making you an offer, would you accept it?
  3. Laughable because you have creditable source saying that he will never take an assistant coaching job? A lot of good coaches are taking the assistant position for a lot of teams (Lindy Ruff with the Rangers, Dan Bylsma with the Red Wings), so I do not see what is impossible for him to take an assistant coach job (well maybe not with the Canucks).
  4. Hire him as an assistance coach (Bye Baumgartner/Brown). They tried to pull a St-Louis last year - fired their coach in the middle of season and then went on to win the Stanley Cup. Well, I hope the exact opposite happens and puts this franchise into a miserable place in the future for a long long time!
  5. Good game even tho they lost. Now keep your heads up and beat the Coyotes on Thursday at home!
  6. Please play a full 60-minute game, and don't do the penalty-kill style defense when playing 5-on-5.
  7. I remembered at the same time like 2 or 3 years ago when the Canucks went on a lengthy winning streak and then took a nose-dive to the bottom of the standings the rest of the way... I hope history is not repeating itself.
  8. There is so much you can blame the coach but the players were just not playing as a team. When they got the puck they make all kind of bad decisions, either chip and chase or pass to a player with triple coverage. All shots are from the blue line or at the faceoff dot and hope the puck would get pass the goalie. In the last power play when Hughes was rushing down the wing there were no Canucks around to support him. This is not the formula to be successful, and if they are playing like that I am not sure what good it is to squeeze in to the Playoffs (if they are lucky).
  9. TO and SJ are supposed to win NOW. We are a bubble team that no one expects us to do anything. I would say play out the season and then decide the fate of the whole coaching staffs.