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  1. In public or on the ice? Most athletes said things way worst than what Burr and Kes did, so all of them are classless? You must have a high moral standard. Oh you use a bad word in your sentence, will you be able to sleep tonight?
  2. They just trash-talking the opponents on the ice so not sure how that is considered classless.
  3. Theory 1: Canucks can only beat good teams. Theory 2: Good teams are in the Playoffs. Conclusion: All other teams should fear the Canucks if we get in.
  4. The Sedins are great, but my fond memory of the Canucks comes from the West-Coast-Express era. Seeing the highlights of Nazzy-Bert-Mo still gives me chill.
  5. Fire the assistants before Green. That's what I want.
  6. 5-2 Nucks! I said it, a 5-2 Nucks win tonight! No more blow lead(s)! Let's get it done boys!
  7. ey40

    Fire Green!

    I said this in the GDT thread yesterday and I will stand by that: Then hire some experienced coaches around Green to smack some sense into him when thing got tough!
  8. This I think is the sole responsibility of the coaching staffs. Blowing lead after lead in recent games but they still deployed the same players to protect the lead. It clearly shows that when the stake is high, the coaching staffs still approach it the same way.
  9. They should have learned that after the Ottawa game, or the Toronto game, or the CBJ game. Heck I would go even further to the Penguins game where they blow a 6-2(?) lead. They are professional, they played competitive hockey their whole life so they should have known what it takes to up their game at the most crucial time. If they are still learning to do that at the professional stage, the team is in a big big trouble.
  10. How about next time just keep adding to the lead in the 3rd period instead of protecting it? Deal?
  11. Most of the plays are in the Canucks zone, so I don’t know what you don’t understand about the want-it-more concept? May be I should have stated the obvious “they want more goals”?