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  1. So you think global warming is a hoax? Something the media made up?
  2. So you want to play the race card that the fans are not into the Canucks game? Do you have more examples to support you? Because I did see some Asian people were pretty passionate about the Canucks.
  3. Yeah...quickly hiding and skating away to find a smaller opponent definitely will do.
  4. So Kesler turtled when Big Kassian wanted a piece of him. Haha!
  5. Because.... we are all Canucks!
  6. "Don't put words in my mouth, that pisses me off to no end!" Pure gold!
  7. Yes...so the word Chocker will live one more season with Thornton and Marleau! Good day!!
  8. San Jose has no answer to the Oilers aggressive forecheck.
  9. Oh man...you made me think of the series against the Wild in 2003 again!
  10. I think the haters just don't like the decisions he made as a coach. As a person I don't see anyone is bashing him.
  11. So actually Edler was not looking at his phone during the media scrum. He got a cut in his hand and he was checking it out. From TSN1040.
  12. Can Crowford make Bo/Baertschi/Boeser the new West Coast Express? Can he make Gudbranson the Jovo Cop 2.0? just wondering...
  13. Hard working is good, but all the hard work resulted in no goal to show for then it is a real issue. I think this is what everyone is complaining about.