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  1. [Trade] Leafs trade D Dion Phaneuf to Ottawa

    when the leafs were able to move the clarkson contract i became a true believer that there is no contract and no player that cannot be moved clarkson is barely a player with an albatross contract at least kessel and phaneuf can still play
  2. [Signing] Jets re-sign Dustin Byfuglien

    is he getting paid in american dollars? canadian dollars? winnipeg dollars?  (haha i wonder what those are worth anyway)   this is not a serious post so do not respond seriously please
  3. not unhappy lucic is expressing a desire to stay in la wished buff had made it to free agency though
  4. [Discussion] Is Benning playing his cards right?

    my only true disappointment with player turn over from last year is that richardson was not kept and resigned otherwise i have little to complain about this transition / rebuild will take a bit of time
  5. 2 year plan [proposal]

    complete fantasy even managing one of those trades would be a significant accomplishment
  6. Random Stats

      if you are going to post stats at least get your fingers properly organized to type them out properly linden did not have 7000 + points burrows is not +67 ahead of hansen in the plus/minus department i then stopped reading this nonsense this is a waste of a read .. your fingers are too damn random
  7. What is Sven Baertschi Worth?

    i don't agree i say sign him to 3 years for a total in the 6 million range in the last year of his contract you will know his worth and can sign him accordingly during the season if he is unreasonable trade him at the trade deadline, since he is just as likely to be unreasonable after 2 seasons ultimately he appears to be a replaceable player if his salary expectations do not fit in with the team otherwise you give up cost certainty for that 3rd year the idea of a bridge contract is it bridges the years until player becomes an ufa stamkos and p.k. subban are 2 examples  
  8. i think it has to do mostly with limited roster spots you pick up a waiver player and that eats into your roster spot allocation you wait till the trade deadline you trade one of your players for that waived player and it does not cost you a roster spot and you offload a salary at the same time it is all about asset management
  9. and i must concede that it did work out well one time for the canucks when in that one good year a sedin was picked number 2 overall and a sedin was picked number 3 overall and we are still reaping the benefits of those two very high overall picks so i just provided some ammo for your point of view edit.. but remember, the number 1 overall pick that year was a complete dud
  10. you put a lot of faith in the drafting minds nhl draft history does not support this but you clearly are a believer in it
  11. How could the Canucks improve goal scoring?

    replacing our existing players with raw rookies is not likely at all to increase scoring this season baertschi is and was more advanced than mcann, and is more advanced than shinkaruk, boeser, or any other player not presently on the the canucks roster baertschi took the better part of 1/2 a season to adjust to the nhl horvatt had the same developmental path last season and then hit the sophomore jinx for the first 1/2 of this season there is a definite adjustment period for rookies so if the thinking is to improve scoring this season, adding raw rookies is not the answer i do not think there is any magic cure for what ails the canucks presently i say stay the course, make decisions about asset management at the trade deadline, and then either try to make the playoffs, or tank for the remainder of the season, and give many of our rookies a tryout, understanding that this will hurt our ability to score goals  
  12. a big thumbs up for this topic Cameron88188 i cannot think of any significant veteran-for-high draft pick trade made by this franchise previously but i think we should not fixate on trading to just obtain draft picks and top draft picks people on here are overly hopeful that draft picks in fact work out until horvatt, that really has not been the case for this team we just traded away jensen as another failed 1st round draft pick i think it perhaps more important that trades be made with a view to obtain already drafted prospects who have begun to show something but might still be just short of making an nhl roster these are much safer prospects to be trying to collect than just collecting the anonymous draft pick because we rely too heavily then on savvy drafting, which historically has proven to be misguided, or we rely too heavily on benning as the master drafter and i think the overall drafting results of the nhl taken collectively weigh against benning doing substantially better than the the historical collective success of the nhl anyway, those are my views, for whatever they may be worth
  13. Is this season more enjoyable than last?

    i found last season to be a refreshing success after the extremely disappointing season under torts it did seem that the team might actually be as bad as it played that season under torts last season we saw a team that over achieved and i thought was quite an exciting team once the changes in team strategy were fully implemented, after a couple months, following the game where the team was completely exposed by the rangers in december 2014 this year there was some expectation of a continuation of last year's team with changes to inject more youth this year's team is much closer to the team i expected at the start of last season as a result i think this year's team is less surprising and a disappointment comparatively that does not mean that this transition process is not necessary it is just lesser quality hockey overall and less success as a result we cannot hold leads this year, we lose to lower quality teams, mostly lose to the better teams overall it is all a bit bleh, .. unless one focuses solely on some of the excitement being generated by the youth the season is only about 2/3 of the way done though and last year's team only began to really play well around now so a final view is still a bit premature for me.. but i really do not think this team has the horses to facilitate the necessary turnaround and anaheim and san jose are looking much more like real teams than the canucks and i doubt we can compete with them for the final playoff position

    bad strategy on his part to say that we lose in the playoffs in recent years that explains why we are losing now believing we are in the playoffs

    simply not good enough against a lesser team and again showing they are unable to protect a lead and put away the other team after getting the lead