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  1. he's not signed at his choosing he is qualified by the team he can sign that qualifying offer anytime any day any week or he can look for a khl team if he feels his nhl career is not worth it not sure really what he is waiting for did he not see what motte and leivo both signed for ? and they both had arbitration rights as leverage
  2. well with such a vast history of authority and experience i think i can speak for all of us on here that you should at least specify what kind of pie theoretical pie does not make me drool but a banana chocolate cream pie does
  3. hardly the same alf telling someone to change their allegience is a bit different the equivalent would be more like telling an unhappy dem or rep to join the other side not that they no longer should remain in the country of their citizenship we don't tell unhappy canuck fans to go back to the country of origin of their ancestors i see a big difference in quality here but maybe my glasses prescription was made too strong
  4. let's see you fix the money so that it balances so the trade is even that way .. ok then get lucic to cancel his nmc.. and say it is all possible and then change the trade, put in pool party, don't balance the money .. and say it is fair ? odd logic but ok not sure how coilers can afford that trade though as they don't have sufficient cap space if russell is not included but ok, i guess everyone on here is entitled to post their views
  5. maybe it is close to the time when aquaman should wade in loui signed for 6 x 6 and has played 3 seasons he has been now paid 27 million dollars . or 9 million per season he has been with the team hard to see how he provided value aquaman could ask loui perhaps just 1 question do you want to play again in the nhl or not ? if so, let jb make a trade that is reasonable for the team if loui is not prepared to do that then he can wave his nhl career good bye aqauman can tell jb to waste no more time trying to move him aquaman can ensure he remains his property and he can move him down to another league somewhere a little time in in utica and then maybe the echl
  6. success everyone of the core stepping up a bit from last season, ep40's step being a little bit bigger then bo's and brock's hughes showing he is all that we hoped the d grouping staying healthy and actually demonstrating they are middle of the pack in the nhl ferland and miller adding meat to the line up and producing offensively making the playoffs and winning no less then 2 playoff games... 3 or more would be better failure a 9th place conference finish and deferment of the 1st round pick for miller to the following season in my view a 9th or worse finish indicates 1 of 3 things the offense did not improve - internally, or from the additions, or the d grouping was not revitalized in the off season and turns out to be as bad as the last few years, or markstrom's paly in the last half of the previous season was a mirage, he completely falters, and he is done in his pursuit of being a #1 goalie
  7. tkachuck is not doing it for them ? or they think he can mentor lucic in hopes milan will play better with them ?
  8. it is sarcasm coupled with irony in their truest forms oj is unique as he was in fact called up last season and turned out he was injured that fact makes the post i responded to a bit funny (as that is clearly not what the poster intended to convey - it twists his meaning) the sarcasm part is suggesting that very same thing be repeated i'll throw in an emoji next time to indicate i'm not being serious since that seems to help clarify subtle comments for those who seem to miss them
  9. now that you mention him i recall that very same thing he is bull strong not sure he is a great puncher though
  10. i agree i wish more new posters would spend some time reading posts of some of the seasoned posters on here get an idea about the depth of some of their analysis and how they go about crafting their posts some newer posters need to better figure out how to support their viewpoints there are salary sites, analytics sites, stats sites, basically a lot of quality data online but too many post off the tops of their heads without being thoughtful or thorough everyone is allowed to post their viewpoints on here but it is better for the readers if their post have some substance
  11. i still think chara is the scariest super strong and tough he's aging but i think his reputation is solid
  12. um apollo please live in reality there is an nhl draft joe was drafted in an nhl draft he had no say but his team was good and won cups he was named captain, was loyal, and stayed he did not sell his canadian citizenship he played for canada when asked to not really sure how your hope for a different reality can ever actually be real i suggest you try to live in this world and accept the things the seem to mostly function adequately or you might end up with the world of hurt of your own making
  13. i thought we tried that last season and brought him up when he was injured it did not really work out so well
  14. well i think they are making it clear to mcdavid that is all he is entitled to for his 2nd winger is a player on a league minimum contract if him and draisaitl want someone better they can pool their own money and hire someone
  15. come on apollo fans are fans they do what they do if there are no fans of other teams there are no other teams and then there is no league you want to watch a canuck team that only holds practices ? you want the khl or some european league to expand into north america and scoop up all the canadian players to play in the best league in the world ? the nhl may be flawed but it is our league it's what made canadian hockey great