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  1. correct me please if i am wrong isn't this racist against melmacians? (i mean the orange facial appearance of trump et al) i await a response from alflives (one can never be too politically correct i guess )
  2. assessments can be made a various times in a process all major tasks this off season are now completed we can reach some conclusions now based on expectations going into the off season i'd agree we'll certainly know better in time but jb accomplished what he set out to do this summer am a bit surprised he basically did everything he said he'd do and the team is in good shape going forward
  3. all signs point to miller working out he is exactly the type of player the canucks needed (stone would have been perfect - but that ship has sailed)
  4. i was deeply concerned about the bruising of marner's ego by having to agree to a contract that is lesser then the one signed by matthews so i reviewed both contracts looking for some redemption for mitch i am therefore am happy to report that for the current season mitch will in fact out earn his team mate by $100,000 in combined salary and bonuses "serenity for all" (and since this is a canuck board i unfortunately should point out that he will out earn brock by an even 12 million this season)
  5. i will not enumerate all the things accomplished by the nucks gm since last season ended many considered the brock signing to be the final piece before a complete assessment could be made i think that contract is as consistently good as all the other things jb did this past summer drafting, trading, ufa signings, other contract matters (i'm sure many will nitpick -- i was never expecting perfection) a top tier off season performance by gm jb in my books good job!!
  6. though i appreciate it is a typo that seems like a sport i could really support maybe you should consider starting a league
  7. who says seattle will want either of our tenders? that is not an obvious assumption i think they have been engaging in lengthy tampering already which explains the multiple season tanking of a certain player we have all witnessed i'm betting they've been eyeing loui all along
  8. i can tell your diet is severely lacking you need some blue koolaid though your post is accurate it does not align with the message coming out of the centre of the universe (that shanaplan is working and is the perfect model for all) you clearly need the mind alteration that the blueness is surely to bring drink copious amounts you are severely dehydrated
  9. so you are saying we should not believe what women say ?? you refuse to accept she did not remember cuz you have better information? come on ... let's stay in reality here
  10. despite shanaplan and their recent signings and roster activity the laffs have consistently proven since the nucks joined the league that they know how to underperform in the face of any heightened expectations i am confident they can continue in their ways this season speculating that they would have beaten boston but for kadri is complete speculation the bruins were the better team
  11. i wonder if most agents protected their player contract signings for both of these possible outcomes - reopening and not i seem to recall that most of these newer contracts focused on 1 cba interruption year
  12. brock's wrist must be tired from contract signing good thing he is getting the evening off
  13. well we are all fans here and prefer to only see the upside possiblities and are prepared to pay accordingly management cannot be fans they have to factor in risk brock comes with injury risk it is better to do shorter term even if it means having to pay more when his health issues have a larger window to resolve or not no one who pushes for longer term and larger aav mentions at all what would happen if brock's injuries continue to be chronic then the long term high value deal is much less attractive
  14. i hope people realize that their cap overage is all dead salary space - payments to ltir players they have exactly the same cap as every other team they have just chosen to spend half of it on 4 players the rest of the roster must survive on the rest (which makes the rest of their roster equal to ottawa??) they lack depth and quality throughout their line up as a result they have a very unbalanced roster and salary structure they will need to pull off some sort of magic act to win the stanley cup with that roster this season and who knows what they plan beyond this season because their defence is needing to be paid next year .. and they have no cap room to get that done