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  1. a lot of assumptions there why don't you try to find out what he was in fact told rather then guess i kinda doubt the nucks are anti poppy but i am open to be proven wrong and there simply has to be some sort of limit on sign messaging at sporting events people cannot bring signs about everything and anything i suspect a sign about cherry is not closely enough connected with the game at which is was displayed
  2. damn so if i already paid how do i get a refund ??
  3. she is actively supporting him if she is also playing the other side she still remains destructive overall not sure why that might redeem her at all even if she were anonymous makes her a huge hyporcrite
  4. is it just me or is anyone else sick and tired of hearing george conway rail away against the orange one when his wife is vocally supporting trump all the while not to be at all inappropriate about this .. she and he can hold what ever views they want but they are connected through marriage how can a divide this significant survive in a marriage makes little sense on an intuitive level to me georgie boy has no credibility when he speaks even his wife appears to totally ignore him
  5. #7. pay him his bonus next off season and trade him to a team like ottawa that needs to meet the cap floor. there is speculation out there that this could again be a thing next offseason. Many of those ltir contracts are expiring this season i guess.
  6. i thought you said he was retiring this season????? well at least we know in one season you will be correct and he will retire
  7. the same goes for giuliani actually he was not waving his phone around on television as some silly prop it was a clear warning being put out there
  8. everyone keeps blaming coaching it really is one of the trainers mainly who is responsible for skate sharpening his quality falls off as the game goes on due to fatigue and so by the end of the 3rd period and ot the edges are just $&!# this is evidenced by recent success of the team come on ... this theory is just as good as all the other ones being put out there based entirely on fan speculation
  9. dallas wins 3 - 1 dallas scores first seguin and as always hope i am entirely wrong
  10. my thinking as well alf though given his history it is likely to be a 12 year back diving contract starting at 3 million and diving to 100k in the final season and he will moan about his bad contract in about 7 years
  11. not really he is 35+ buyout proof contract and nmc to boot good luck with your theory though la gets not salary cap relief no matter what they do with him
  12. nucks are a religion to him he does the sign of the cross daily with holy ice i'm sure you are welcome to join his rituals and pray to the hockey gods as well
  13. nope miller has been ep40 is heating up brock is up there though and getting closer