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  1. came across this interview with bob woodward it's about 1/2 hour in length a very worthwhile listen woodward has some broad ranging comments about trumjp some very positve it is entitled Woodward: No Evidence Of Trump-Russia Collusion, I Searched For Two Years
  2. Why isn’t Virtanen playing left wing?

    i see at least one did not like my post oh dear well ask yourself . in fact post a response what is the difference between virt and tryamkin and bo and brock who seems to blame others for their development who seems to simply grab the bull by the horns and take responsibility but i do not wish to limit your response based on my elementary take on these players feel free to elaborate in any manner you wish but i do point out that both bo and brock are captain material i do not hear any of that noise about virt or tyramkin and it's kinda ironic how both virt and tryamkin's situations resonate somewhat similarly very talented prospects that have trouble cutting it and blame seems to want to be shared or spread to coaching and management and brock and bo persevered despite management and coaching????? ....... ok, i guess
  3. The Dahlen and Eriksson Connection

    please post the story or article you are not permitted to use these boards as click bait post the story and not the link
  4. so you misjudged bill gates there is some chance then you are misjudging others ? maybe?? possibly??
  5. NHL clears washington for trading and re-signing orpik

    you keep ignoring the obvious fact the league investigated you seem to think that means nothing they say nothing wrong happened you keep wanting to spin this into washington bent the rules... really? so other teams now will do that your premise is messed up now you feel i am picking on you get real buddy omg you are sensitive so what is this thread about now? YOUR DISBELIEF THAT THE LEAGUE INVESTIGATED SERIOUSLY
  6. they were provided by russia as part of the collusion ? or there is some sort of coded anti white signal in there somewhere?
  7. Why isn’t Virtanen playing left wing?

    poor poor virt feel so bad he is being so suppressed by the canucks he'd be a superstar otherwise i mean we have seen him play now for 4 years he is beginning his 5th year now it's all been so obvious and the comparison to brock just makes that clear
  8. [Proposal] Rebuild Continues

    just how many salary retentions do you believe a team is allowed? we already are using one for luongo soooo... let's get real and too soon to re-sign tryamkin he is under contract for yet one further year after this one wow i guess the canucks will be the clearing house for all available nhl players this season? if you want to move your player it has to be done through vancouver ??? mmmm was nhl19 released this past week ?
  9. [Proposal] Van / OTT

    not to my knowledge i did not check myself since the trade maybe they cut someone loose? but they are very near the contract limit and given sens rather thin talent base i can see them wanting to be able to troll the waiver wire when other teams camps end and some players are moved via the waiver wire back to the ahl
  10. NHL clears washington for trading and re-signing orpik

    and then the league spent another month investigating the circumstances to ensure that no hanky panky occurred the poster still somehow wants to think this was just rubber stamped and glossed over the league demonstrated it will review such deals and take the necessary time to do a complete job so again i ask the thread author what is this thread really about? i still don't understand unless it's about your disbelief that the league did what it said it did and everything is a lie
  11. [Proposal] Van / OTT

    this deal cannot be done as proposed ottawa included perron in the deal when moving karlsson to ensure they would keep 1 contract space available otherwise they are full they have filled 49/50 contracts they can only take 1 extra player back in a trade and will likely not be willing to do that so it has to be 1 for 1 plus draft picks
  12. NHL clears washington for trading and re-signing orpik

    it seems to me the league checked out the very concerns you raise and were satisfied they did not exist then you go on to suggest others do exactly what you were concerned about if the league investigated this in a future transaction and found the concerns to be valid they likely would void the contract and sanction the offending team/s so not quite sure what this thread is about please clarify
  13. Massachusetts Gas Line Explosions Destroy 60-80 Homes

    thought i'd tighten that up a little for you hope i did not overstep
  14. yeah ok so her mother bought a book and one of trump's underling also bought one so trump can oogle the jacket picture when he watches her on fox late a night doubling present book sales is looking pretty doable so she's hoping to retire on the book sales profits
  15. good i hear the russian black market has an active trade in reselling high end used suits should be able to recoup a lot of money selling manafort suits in that economy might have trouble getting paperwork for each sale though