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  1. seabrook has a nmc but posters on here think that nmc really can almost be ignored
  2. janis remember to read the ltir players on teams they are added to a team's cap and require compliance on opening day (only) and then the team can use that contract value to add someone else vegas is not in as bad shape as you suggest but they will likely move 1 contract to free up cap and have another 5 million in ltir
  3. but you are avoiding my comments and keeping juolevi in the proposal as well all based on your mistaken premise that hawks need d if they need d.. they will use the 3oa and draft the best one in this draft why would hawks water down the quality of the player they drafted for a need they don't have ??? they can draft a goalie with their next draft pick in the next round you are blindered looking at this only as a nuck fan completely unrealistic tell me why hawks appear to make this trade for your last remaining reason that they need a goalie (to develop)
  4. in fact hawks do not need d if they did they'd keep that draft slot and take byram rather then move it for a bundle of lesser talent the fav type of trade proposal from most posters on here please list all the high end d prospects they have and then tell me why they still need more and would downgrade that need by trading the top dman for lesser players the details count in all these posts
  5. this makes no sense? he is not eligible for a nmc and if he was granted one he would have to be protected in an expansion draft what are you trying to say ? you seem confused about this issue
  6. damn really i'm gonna get me a permit to open up a street sidewalk hotdog stand i'm sure to see substantial profits should this player be pursued oh yeah and look at his age, contract, fitness level and tell me he still has a long productive career ahead of him if he does, pens would move malkin and keep him
  7. well i did expect exactly this sort of response the real difference presently is we have a capable scouting staff led by a scouting gm who are very credible at assessing talent back in the gillis era not so much so yeah compare back then to now to justify some incredibly weak drafting years almost a decade of weakness i see a meaningful difference presently i guess you do not?
  8. people seem to forget he was passed on by what? 15 to 20 teams but oh no, not the canucks cuz somehow management knew better? who cares if some pundits said he'd go top 5 other teams viewed him as too high risk and he fell, fell, fell nucks should not be credited with taking him but rather critiqued as to why when so many other teams passed on him that does not make them look smart.. but rather stupid in my view as all the warning signs about him were present
  9. and where are the laws about this issue? surely alabama will be presenting some draft legislation shortly i'm thinking some minimum sitting distance law between genders is also in order so that sperm and ova never get too close unless necessary copulating permits have been obtained from the appropriate government office
  10. i can see the center of the universe posts already laffs lost in 7 to the eventual cup winners they were that close to winning the cup some might even suggest that boston share it with them and let them put jt, matthews, and marner names on the cup
  11. alternative fuels are making inroads and are the future canada missed the boat on oil infrastructure not much sense in building refineries or pipelines anymore as need for oil decreases so will the price and likely can't support huge infrastructure investments
  12. yep this there is no way anyone should believe that if usa decides to war with iran that the war zone would be somehow limited to the middle east territory this one will likely have escalation components to it
  13. the timing of any report completion and release likely will be pefect wiliam barr could be available by then to undertake any necessary vetting and redaction and provide the requisite summary so we all know what really occurred