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  1. i did not know this was mano a mano discussion this has little to do with your current position in the betting thread since you are active in it you should know and appreciate and adhere to betting edicate
  2. not the point don't trivialize this too much if you do not want to bet leave the betting thread alone please
  3. markstrom has clearly said he wants to spend the rest of his career with the canucks so i'm going to assume you are just spitballing in your post
  4. it seems he has a sustainable plan in place not many teams can say what jb said in this recent interview his plan has credibility and teeth
  5. ask jim and the management staff i believe it was only today that he confirmed the salary cap issue is well in hand what makes you believe he was misleading the fan base that is unlike jb why the need to pretend the sky is about to fall? or perhaps i should reword that to say why hold the serious belief we are in salary cap hell when there is little to base that on
  6. val demings is doing a fine job arguing that relevant documents and witnesses should be made available during the senate trial anyone paying attention to this detailed logical submission (uninterrupted by irrelevant distractions) cannot really explain the gop/mitch/trump decisions to fully block such evidence if this level of analysis continues i think the gop are going to be in serious trouble the trump team's written response is unresponsive to the evidence previously adduced and does not address the procedural defects to gain relevant evidence if they do not fully address these problems they will make it even clearer this trial is a sham process i am surprised how much detailed information there already is how strong this case really is when it can be heard without disruption in 1 steady lengthy oration this same impact likely will be conveyed in the arugments spoken in the senate by other house managers
  7. i leave this poster for other more frequent posters of this thread HerrDrFunk's last post genuinely raise the key question needing to be answered here i am not in the conversion business prefer meaningful debate instead this one has crossed that line in my view and i lack the necessary skills to continue to haton 1 final question do you believe republicans participated in the impeachment investigation conducted by congress or were they shut out of that process?
  8. you think it is ok for trump to talk about something else rather then allow the impeachment and associated investigations take place without his distraction efforts if he finds it necessary to do a separate investigation on alleged crimes of joe and his son he has the entire doj (department of justice) to take steps to do so he has not answered why he chose to use ukraine over his own doj what becomes clear then is he is not serious about biden concerns but is attempting to create distraction and gain political advantage from his biden allegations
  9. you appear to be new here you are posting as facts things that are closer to nonsense you will not be able to do so in this thread without response
  10. context is everything authorization also matters having all allied countries on board is pretty significant too
  11. you are relying on propaganda and not facts you can continue in this vein but you are displaying a lot of ignorance doing so
  12. and you wish to restrict travel from china when that is already much too late neither suggestion has a lot of value i agree