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  1. a duplicate topic post was already closed but you needed to add a 3rd one anyway you'll be closed soon enough i think
  2. Grilli has 7 wins now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. well that tie with the rapids pretty much assures the caps of a 9th place finish in the western conference damn but on a happier note, read in the paper today that there might be thoughts of pursuing camillo when his contract is up in january 2017 if i recall correctly he is a striker who is capable of scoring in the mls .... mmmmmm
  4. i think letting hamhuis go makes the experience of edler vital to the nucks d growth for the next year anyway and we certainly do not need another right d man anyway who would you force to switch sides? we just solved this problem this past offseason why create an imbalance again
  5. really doubt that wouldn't they prefer a left sided d or other position player to avoid a repeat of this issue??
  6. Grilli got the win
  7. big win yankees now pretty much have to win out to get a wild card spot solid game by the jays way to go joey bats
  8. i think stroman can still be an ace type pitcher though he needs some time to gain experience as you said he is young
  9. well it was good to see stroman pitch a strong game he has been so erratic this year... he was supposed to be the ace and he likely only now rates as the jay's 4th best starting pitcher this year
  10. no, he decided to repost a 2 year old post of his in which his views were mistaken yet he really did not get that, he thought he was making a valid point to other posters here and he really did seem to value feedback to support his misguided view of himself you do not seem to get it either it seems don't trumpet yourself as some maverick or trail blazer you use incorrect and incomplete information to inform your opinions you have demonstrated that repeatedly on here posters and users of this site are not idiots or sheep as you clearly seem to believe
  11. nice post is that a new term on here now ?
  12. i'll bet the line combos change throughout the training camp i'm sure most on here can already predict what will be said when virt gets a few shifts with the sedins why not wait till part way through pre season to finalize the predicted opening day line ups? i think that is what the nucks brass is gonna do but on here .. seems every one knows better than management
  13. man you know it's been a long summer / off season when the facial hair of players on another team is being so hotly debated on here i heard wd will be sporting a moustache again this year please don't throw any tomatoes at me
  14. a stupid suggestion which lacks logic as another poster has pointed out calgary is screwed by this contract yet somehow the nucks are not and also 8 year contracts can only be offered by a team to an existing player every other team is limited to a 7 year offer so your suggestion contains another serious flaw
  15. wow that is enlightening you have clarified your previous post brilliantly .. good job