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  1. he took a pay cut to help subsidize nylander's contract those laffs are amazing and not in a good way
  2. why? why waste the words considering lucic? option C is not the buy out amount . his contract is basically fully guaranteed the 2/3 only applies to the actual salary the bonuses are paid 100%
  3. why the hate on spooner he played pretty well before he was injured and really you have to bank or gamble on the very clear trend that all oiler players traded play much much better for their new team
  4. not at all nucks have depth of young talent in the minors and elsewhere that still have a realistic chance of making the nhl the oilers lack this depth and another very big difference really is cap management for the 2019-20 season the oilers have 16 players signed and about 10 million in cap space left all their signed players are either high value elite or overpaid vets trading elite would require massive adjustment to rebuild plan, the others are basically untradeable they will be tight to sign the minimum 7 additional players they require to fill out their roster for the 2019-20 season the nucks have 17 players signed and about 30 million in cap space left many more of their signed players can be more easily moved compared to the oiler roster huge flexibility to adjust the roster moving forward and likely we will see another season of the nucks being around 10 million under the cap yet both teams have fairly similar records this season and both will miss the playoffs yet again i know which team i think has the brighter future moving forward
  5. not if they want a combined 13 million in aav for at least 5 seasons that is likely what they will command as ufas
  6. actually he would if the cost is 10 bucks he certainly would isn't the real issue the price? aquaman spends when it makes sense you are assuming it never makes sense
  7. i think you are confusing some things in your analysis just because the canucks might take on a player contract of an inactive player does not mean that the team actually pays that entire salary often the salary is insured and is mostly paid from insurance the real issue is cap room ...... those teams need the cap room . we have extra room it would be similar to the discussions we have about loui and his bad contract some team can take his 6 million cap hit and pay him 3 million or less and that is attractive to them as they can hit the salary cap floor without paying that actual amount out in salary loui is an active player with a bad contract. he will continue to play an inactive player with essentially a dead contract is not expected to play and this is solely a financially driven move so aquaman could actually waste a lot less money then you are thinking to get that 3rd round draft pick
  8. 3 - 2 canucks 5 minors (likely will not be intense, both teams are out of the playoffs)
  9. you sure read a lot into an empty net goal he was set up on a semi break away would not matter what wing he is playing when he is fed the puck like that when he has speed and there is no goalie to challenge him
  10. i'm really think it is a reach to conclude that trump will simply be facing fines and legal bills he will be going to jail if indictments against him proceed to conclusion this is not about choosing between his business or the presidency this more likely is about choosing freedom by remaining president or going to jail if he looses the presidency
  11. why the heck are the two threads started around the same time not merged as normally happens on cdc? why was the other thread just erased ? please explain ?