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  1. [Rumour] Canucks interested in Hanifin

    7 oa in 2018 and virt then carolina might talk to you on the phone
  2. [Rumour] Canucks interested in Hanifin

    and you think carolina does not know this ?? jeez people . . get real
  3. (Proposals) Transitioning to a New Core

    um why would the team sign boucher and chaput for higher dollars then archibald of those 3, archibald played the most games for the team last season neither boucher or chaput are likely to play again for the canucks
  4. well when in school both elementary and high some get used to store bullets in by others too sad
  5. do you recall when his last good year was? it was also his last contract year? coincidence? maybe.. . maybe not time will tell
  6. [Discussion] UFA targets for July 1

    that's why we'll have to work hard to dump/move so many of our current assets i did not say it would be easy but it would be easier then paying 1/2 billion cash
  7. [Discussion] UFA targets for July 1

    i confess i picked almost everyone following the vegas model, to try to build a team largely from scratch we will have to work hard to move a huge number of our current players/assets but i have no doubt that we'll be a better team as a result maybe even a stanley cup contender we can keep a few of our best youngsters and plug them in as needed good bye to most of the rest of the team though and look canucks do not even have to pay a 500 million expansion fee
  8. How should CDC handle fake news about players?

    to show how brilliant your insight into this issue is and your need to attack personally i'll let you know .. and he know it as well.. i have had r.z. on ignore for months now so how do you explain my comments now ? edit: to be crystal clear.. i am criticizing you ... and not defending r.z.
  9. How should CDC handle fake news about players?

    let me see if i understand you agree that what happened to joulevi was not warranted and out of bounds and now you are doing the same thing to another poster based on your weak impressions of his posts ? really??
  10. How should CDC handle fake news about players?

    i also hope the mods aggressively enforce the rule about posting nonsense about player's personal life in these sorts of situations as well since this board does not wish to be involved in facilitating harm to a player by allowing such posts this will ensure those posters who seem to have a vendetta against the team or players cannot use these false posts as a way to increase the scope of damage from this unwarranted nonsense against a player privacy all posters on this site should always be careful when their commentary moves from a player's on ice performance or other professional related activities which are intended to be public to commentary that has nothing to do with a player's public life and i do appreciate that there is a grey area where there may be some overlap but that is the point at which we should all be cautious and ensure facts are accurate before jumping on board and commenting
  11. that is only part of it the stench that arose over the mishandling of our 2 elite goalies the absolute emptying of the draft cupboards via poor drafting and trading a away picks could any gm do any more to completely mortgage a team's future? the torts hire was brutal and hurt ticket sales badly
  12. Olli Juolevi | D

    the whole issue as reported is entirely inconsistent and unreliable juolevi simply is not projected to never play in the nhl so what about that little tidbit of info specifically stated in the article the whole thing smells of hogwash which is a bit sad because this clearly is a serious issue among our youth video game addiction
  13. SCF: (P1) Vegas Golden Knights vs. (M1) Washington Capitals

    well at least i got to watch bure regularly rarely see ovi it's like he lives in a foreign country and far away
  14. right and how long was he out of work ?? (3 years and gillis has yet to again find nhl employment there are good reasons why other teams have avoided this management group)
  15. SCF: (P1) Vegas Golden Knights vs. (M1) Washington Capitals

    honestly i don't get the love of ovi? why? i do get the wish that vegas not win in their 1st year i'm kinda meh overall about who wins this finals but the hockey has been pretty good overall this playoffs usually it gets worse and worse after the 1st round not this season