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  1. the revolving door of exiting trump appointments continues he is just half way through his 1st year in office and the turnover is remarkable
  2. he will be ready not for this game. but the next one that is the latest word i heard (from a bird )
  3. a lot of people anxious about bo for almost no reason i can see is there really any difference if he signs today or august 31 ? or even later ?
  4. a whitecap win on the road against l.a. i know that team is diminished but still a pretty good step forward for the caps and any road win is a good result and no interest on these boards
  5. i agree in my world he will not be paid more than tanev and i'd say at least 1/2 million less
  6. hmmm . gotta think now may have to edit later not sure about the vehicle years dodge dart, 1979 i think 92 dodge colt 97 dodge colt 01 honda accord 07 honda odyssey 11 hyundai accent 99 ford explorer 01 dodge caravan 00 dodge express 1500
  7. i think you cannot truly hate a team unless you have first truly respected them and really have gone to war against them the chicago series were the most intense for that reason and so satisfying when the canucks with them with that rat burrows scoring such karma
  8. he is only 20 and has demonstrated a lack of maturity both off the ice and on it he seems to have settled a bit better towards the end of his recent time in utica i say he will benefit from another 1/2 season down there at least he needs a better base to his game and needs to think it a bit better as well being on the farm and out of the vancouver fishbowl likely will help him more then force feeding him on the parent club with many criticizing his every inexperienced error he appears to be one young talent that is not yet ready for the nhl
  9. nice lions game always nice to have a backup that can be a #1 starter when needed man the lions play well against east teams.. even if they just played them 3x on the road
  10. i am all in favour of seeing a late bloomer succeed i suspect this coming season will be his last chance to bloom however
  11. well it is more repeating rumour than an assumption but they obviously were interested in him and got him later that made the rumour seem a bit more credible i did not intend to otherwise comment on that trade but i think given the unique and trying circumstances imposed by kesler the canucks did ok
  12. righto but feel free to disparage sutter just cuz you can not sure you can set rules about how i respond to postings good luck trying
  13. i dunno when one player bounces around to that many organizations in a shorter time period and cannot seem to stick there is clearly something missing ... he is displaying deficiencies on the ice or off it just not good enough it appears and to think his upside appeared so good that canucks could not get him as part of the kesler trade
  14. yessss the bra barian is remembered
  15. canucks were pretty consistently a hard working bunch last year that was not the issue an aging core and lack of new talent is the real concern i think we have enough players competing for the bottom 6 forward positions already team just has to keep adding its newer young talent once they are ready to play in the nhl until then, the team really will not improve much in the standings