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  1. I don't know about that house system. :P

    I'll check if your graduating class is still there. I would think so.

  2. so frekin cold.... -18 degrees with wind chill?!
  3. ^ what they said. Only that those are great teams and there are fa not yet signed (actually, all of em are not yet signed). The league has not started simming yet so great chance for getting your team ready. There has not been lots of trade recently so manyt managers looking to swap their players with you!! YOU WON'T REGRET IT!!
  4. Doesn't have Canuckletux's future reading ability
  5. Secretly loves Gollum
  6. fine then you're 7/11
  7. is 911
  8. Colombus is taken and also NJ The site from laste page
  9. Is it time to drop Kessel? He has not been producing and the Leafs are sucking right now. Other FA RW are: Frolik Cleary Moss Kovalev Skinner Skille Stempniak Hansen Anthony Stewart Setoguchi G: 6 A:6 +/-: +3 PIM: -1 Hits:3 SOG:3 GWG:8 SHG:8
  10. Lol. that is so one sided. I mean a three for one?
  11. No more detroit though
  12. Failed in everything
  13. Pick Dubinsky, The reason: I hate kings Do this trade. a goalie for a goalie, Nashville is defensive team so Rinne and luongo should have similar numbers. Wins should be the onlY difference the difference here is you are adding Sedin. Hurry before he change his mind!
  14. is a zombie
  15. Doesn't know what he is talking about