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  1. The guy is narrsisst of the first order, can't even let people morne and bury their loved ones before making the tradgedy about himself..truely a horrible moraly wortless man.
  2. Well phone Richie Brothers up and find out..they will get a good morning laugh out of that. This was said about Pakistani and Indian drivers years ago when they started long haul companies. Complete and utter b.s. started by biggots who couldn't stand people who looked different coming into their industry.
  3. The whole universe is a deep state except Trump and his window licking crew.
  4. Lol i am having a good laugh at this, someone said something so it must be true. If you really believe this once the truck goes though it's 6 month inspection or D.O.T. inspection it would be shut down and the driver fired...a big big if. Some people are so uninformed about the industry it's sad.
  5. No it hasn't those guy's go broke real fast in today's trucking.
  6. From what you see? B.C. has one of the highest standards in North America for the transportation industry as well as some of the toughest inspections. Just because you look at a truck and it doesn't look right as you see it as long as it passes safety inspections it is safe. Of course there are the very small few that try to cheat the system but eventually get caught and shut down. Looks sometimes are deceiving,
  7. I think i just answered your inquiry in my other post. The standards for the trucking industry are very strict and have to meet requirements in every provincial, state, or municipal levels they run in. Drivers go through courses on proper pre-trip, post-trip inspections witch are closely looked at by safety departments. Prime shippers go with the safest fleets even if it costs them more, it weeds out the chaff.
  8. You can set a strict set of standards and inspections like the provincial D.O.T does to the transportation industry..if you want to run junk you don't get the shipping contract.
  9. I think it will be like Lucic v2 say all the right things about his hometown and sign with a team who he thinks will be a contender
  10. (Proposal) VAN - CAL Re-roll the dice

    Should have kept the 2nd and drafted Andersson in the first place..strange proposal.
  11. Alberta to Stop BC Wine Imports

    Lol i drink that and i can peel the paint off the wall's the next morning.
  12. To be fair Domi broke his hand last year and missed a lot, also was put at center this year a position he hasn't player since junior.
  13. Every team in the N.F.C. east has won a Super Bowl.
  14. NFL thread

    Giant's and Denver beat the Pat's with a nasty inside pass rush, i expect the Eagles will try the same thing.