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  1. It's going to be hard, other teams in the division like Arizona,Coil, Plegms are not going to flatline. Even Denver might get it figured out. Problem with this team has been a lack of scoring from the back end, you need that to compete in this league.
  2. No harm in playing him the rest of the year. Next year is a different animal 82 game grind and a lot of kids out of junior or college flatline around January. Hope people don't have too high of expectations yet for him, let him develop.
  3. We are not making the playoffs, would be nice to give them a chance in high pressure to see if they could tie it up tho.
  4. Riff blastin out the hits.
  5. There is again trying to denigrate a reply by some stupid.. i played crap and little guy.
  6. Lmao just watch what happens . People like you denigrate an argument with childish B.S because you can't handle anything that;s out of your league.
  7. Nobody is scared of Virtanen, Getzlaf gave him a welcome to to the NHL shot to the ribs and after that he knew he was in a mans league. His 97 mph shot is useless from where he takes it 98 percent of the time. His development is going to take a very long time and compared to his peers he is a waste at 6th overall in that draft.. keep sucking the koolaid tho.
  8. Does the coach or management say he is a premier forward..haven't heard that yet. Says he is doing things that most of his guys are doing, nothing spectacular. Keep believing tho.
  9. Yawn.
  10. You see a couple of highlights, that's the problem. Youtube or vids never show the lowlights or screwups witch guys have during games, that separates the cream from the crap. If you are a high end prospect you make your own puck luck and that's called iq, sorry but Virtanen hasn't showed any of that so far.
  11. When in doubt blame Gillis.
  12. That would be the slowest line in the league, Boucher doesn't play defense so there is that as well.
  13. 5 for Gudbranson is a disaster.
  14. Pick up Yak and hire Hitch as coach..hahaha.