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  1. [PGT] St. Louis Blues vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Just about any coach in the league will play their vets over kids in a close game going into O.T Green is no exception. Virtanen is there to learn with the Sedins of how to cycle and maintain position in the o zone. Sedins might have lost speed but their brains and is are 10× what Virtanen has now. ..
  2. It was a big stinking ass..and i am glad it's gone.
  3. [PGT] Vegas Golden Knights vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Gallant has Vegas playing good hockey, their forwards have great puck movement in the offensive zone. Our plodding defense was schooled for most of last night.
  4. Duterte Schools Trudeau on His War on Drugs

    Trump's M'erica is the place for you.
  5. [Discussion] Markstrom + Hutton = ?

    If you are going to sit 8+ million with term in Gagner and Eriksson..why did you sign them in the first place.
  6. The real ditty..why was the Gudbranson benched for the last nine minutes as one poster pointed out.
  7. Those same G.M.'s that you say had a distaste for him voted him G.M. of the year...even old Burkie and a pile of the old boys club guys.
  8. This is gud real gud. Tick tock.
  9. confessions

    Loos like the Leafs and Habs colours.
  10. If nut jobs can't get guns they will just get a truck..the new big gun that seems to be in vogue in countries with strict gun laws.
  11. You could put both Dubya and Cheney in pace of Clinton with much much bigger dollar sign...pus the massive loss of life protecting that ugly fake royal family.
  12. (Proposal) What are the Chances...

    The Wild haven't got close to a cup with both of those guys. Both are getting older and Parise seems to be injured every year as well. It's a big crapshoot with expensive U.F.A.'s, we got a piece of crap already.
  13. Ghosts and other unexplainables

    Yeah that sounds like the experience i had about a year ago and i am 66 now. I can recall it vividly to this day, felt like i was literally paralyzed on the bed and awake at the same time. Something or someone was next to me beside the bed and i could not move my head even how hard i tried. I heard or imagined i heard my dog growling a deep gutteral growl beside me. It was a feeling of impending doom x10. Then all of a sudden i was awake and looking all around the room, my heart just pounding.. my dog was on the bed right beside me and awake standing up and looking around as well.
  14. Lol every time you say tick tock it blows up in Trumps ass.
  15. Ghosts and other unexplainables

    Has anyone here ever had a night terror? if you have you will never forget it.