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  1. New York..LA..Chicago.
  2. Just about every player is elite according to McGuire on draft day.
  3. Soft as baby sht.
  4. Makar if thats between the two D, take a chance and go for the upside.
  5. On the Canucks he is, on other teams a 5 or 6.
  6. A lot of people see NTC and the automatic response is Gillis, Benning has made a couple of doozies in Sutter and Louie 6x6.
  7. It's not much different than some Canuck fan's figuring all Benning's picks will play in the NHL. You could say that about every fan base.
  8. Would be interesting to see the reaction of the fan base if Vilardi,Glass,Middlestat are sitting at 5 and Benning trades down to get Petterson.
  9. I guess our new coach Green must be garbage as well as he is a fan of advanced stats.
  10. Malholtra? he was the best defensive center on the team. His freak injury at the end of the regular season was tough for the team to recover from. If we had a healthy Manny during the finals as well as Hamhuis this praise Benning slag Gillis thread wouldn't exist. Gillis wasn't perfect but the good he did for the org far outweighed the bad.
  11. Benning sounded like there was little to no chance of trading Tanev on 1040 today, i wouldn't get my hopes up to high. Bob Mac also said the only real possibility would be maybe Tampa or Toronto and it would be slim. It seems to be a buyers market right now and you would be dealing off the back foot with Yzerman or Satan Lou.
  12. They have the green light to buy out a goalie..thats what Nill said if they have to.
  13. Yeah he was so reviled by other Gms they voted him GM of the year. Even Burke voted for him.
  14. Try Camden N.J or East St Louis Illinois.