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  1. Gaglardi and Nill are sharpening their teeth while Auquaman is busting an artery.
  2. What happened to the balls of steel?
  3. Lol hockey central and their 1min laugh fest at the Canucks..back to all Leaf talk.
  4. The worst on that panel are the ex NHL players.
  5. Pray tell how are you going to cut off water? dam every lake and stream that flows
  6. It's funny he never comes in here as well.
  7. All along i thought CDC dismissed 1040 as tripe..only if they say something pretty i guess.
  8. Doesn't matter where we pick CDC will shut down from the ensuing bitch fest.
  9. Hate McClown all baseball and Leafs, have fun getting 30 seconds of Canucks with that guy. Like Tim and Sid tho.
  10. Haha the 1st round princess turned into a 4th round frog just like that.
  11. Burns should win but it will go to Karlsson..eastern guy with lots of voters seeing him in prime time.
  12. Christians just toned it down after a couple of centuries of horror throughout the world.
  13. Haha a lot of people hoping the jilted ex will come home in a couple of might but probably with a whole new set of demands.