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  1. You have no patience..there is no shortcuts.
  2. Button was pumping up Necas said he was second in speed and is a very good set-up center with great hands...and we do need that kind of guy.
  3. Followed by O-Dog and P.O.S. sticking pins into a finn doll.
  4. Yeah i have seen him a couple of times, i like that big wing span he has. The puck seems to find him, he kind of reminds me of Corey Perry down low around the net. He can swing the hooks as well if needed.
  5. So you are the one that took all my money.
  6. S'all don't write Patrick off so easily he seems to be a pretty grounded kid from a good upbringing. As far as injuries and durability goes it's a crap shoot anyhow, Patrick could never be seriously injured again while others could playing against men.
  7. Smell the glove.
  8. Lol i'm pretty sure a guy like Willis and every reporter in the league knows about Snyder.
  9. To bad Luongo's poker skills and quick mathematical decisions couldn't stop a friggin puck in Boston.
  10. Hitch was the food guy for the teams.