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  1. First Impressions of Quinn Hughes [VIDEO]

    Hey look it's me. A giddyup I liked your videos Clay.
  2. I agree there's no clear path to the cup. But the more high picks the better. We have spent a long time wallowing in mediocrity through the franchises time. Picking right in the middle of the first round. I understand Schneiders situation was different but the time in the AHL didn't seem to hurt him. We have different opinions and that's fine. In the end I'm sure we both just want to see them win it all.
  3. I agree with this. It's what I want to see too. The more players like that we can land on our way back up from the bottom the better. In the end I just want them to succeed. No arguments here.
  4. Playoffs are exciting. We may make the playoffs but we aren't contending for the cup last year or next year. Even if there wasn't a single injury. As far as building the team for the future goes, we are better off collecting one or 3 more high picks than competing for a wild card and the 16th draft selection. Never thought I'd be associated with a defeatist mentality, just want to see strong pieces drafted now so we can be a contender for the cup later. Not just a wild card spot today. Edit: How many years did Schneider spend in the AHL? I believe that are on a similar path.
  5. Jack Rathbone | D

    This kid is pretty exciting to me. I only know what I read while lurking on these forums. If he really is 5'11 and 190 that is fantastic considering his speed and skillset. I love prospect camp.
  6. A defense of FA signings/Benning by a Benning hater

    I'm in agreement. Hopefully all the vets will be in the bottom 6, Sutter included.
  7. A defense of FA signings/Benning by a Benning hater

    Petterson and Boeser are our hope to replace the Sedins. Usually you can't replace legends overnight. We aren't at the stage in time to bring in top flight free agents. We have to develop our own top pieces and then you add later through FA.
  8. And don't have enough cap to sign them all.
  9. Who do you suggest for goaltending? Demko is still developing he's probably a year or 2 away. I don't think we should thrust Petterson into a top role immediately and hope he doesn't get destroyed. I'm really curious what moves people think we should make and not end up like the Oilers for the last decade. What's wrong with drafting our own talent, letting them develop for a few years and then bring them up. Once they are ready you start aiming for top end free agents. We aren't going to compete for the cup if we had better goaltending and our young guys didn't get hurt last year. Sorry to say other teams have better players than us in their prime. It's going to take time... years to be truly competitive.
  10. Who will play if/when they get hurt? These guys aren't here to take jobs from the skilled guys. Rousel, I'd be lying if I said I knew much about him but if what I've been reading is true that he's a physical bottom six winger then good, we need that. We're still years away from being competitive. The veteran presence is a good thing, unless you guys want to be the Oilers? With worse draft luck. Wish it was one year less but it is what it is.
  11. Maybe they don't have the cap space for him? Doesn't mean they didn't value him.
  12. I'm happy with the player, if we turns out to be like a Malhotra type of presence for the team. Wish it was 3 years instead but that's the way she goes boys.
  13. I hope we start Petterson there, he or Gaudette with Petterson beside him.
  14. Manny Malhotra. Think how valuable he was to our team and how beloved he was. Was he a flashy player that racked up points and punched people out? No. He filled a role, a faceoff and defensive specialist. That's what we need right now like many posters keep saying, we need to take the work load and pressure of shutting people down off of the kids, and see how they can do with sheltered offensive minutes. Then we can take the training wheels off when they are ready. It's also been mentioned we have a ton of cap space, but we need to be smart with it. We are going to need all of that cap space in a few years for boeser, petterson and Hughes, even juolevi won't be cheap if he turns into a hjalmerson(sp?) Type of player. It's not all about dirty dangles and wheel snipe cellies boys. Overpay Beagle for 3 years. We need a new Manny
  15. Wow logical article in the local paper? Spot on imo.