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  1. My concern would be more on the players than the team selling tickets. Long list of failed teams in Vegas posted above, but none of those were the best leagues of their sport, I would think that's less appealing to tourists. Think of developing young prospects in Vegas, try not to be swayed by temptation. Look at Kassian and he played in Buffalo and Vancouver, imagine living in Vegas if your Jake Virtanen. Hopefully that doesn't happen, but the team itself I think will be popular. Better not steal anyone good from us!
  2. I am really enjoying it. Could use some people to play with on ps4 though. Add if you wanna do some co op Rikkin411
  3. I'm looking to pick you hockey pool experts brains here to help me with my office hockey pool. There's no draft, it's just a pool. The rules are 13 forwards, 5 defensemen and 2 goalies. The points go as follows. Goal=2 points, assist=1 , +/- = 1 , SHG=5, PPG=1...Goalies go Wins=2, SO=5, Assists=5. I was thinking of picking Quick and Task but you guys are experts at breaking this stuff down, so please help!
  4. I agree. And its not a great attitude to have but... Come on draft pick!
  5. Thats great for Bo. Who won best defensive forward ahead of him? Stoked for the playoffs. Go London and Eerie!
  6. I'm happy to see Jensen doing so well, but He is messing up our draft position! Lol
  7. Definitely excited about Gaunce. I don't care what people say about his speed, he cares more about positioning then he does about flying around aimlessly. Probably wont make the Nucks next year but he'll be with the comets and I'm pumped for that. Gaunce, Shinks, Fox and Kenins all joining the comets will be great to see where they really are at.
  8. Nice to hear he's clicking with Hank. At least he tried a move in the shootout, that's good.
  9. I missed the game, was at work. Did they use Jensen in the shootout? If so, How did he look?
  10. Anyone else finding themselves annoyed when the Nucks win recently? Just get a better pick! It's a terrible attitude to have lol, but it seems like the best option. It'd be awful to finish 9th in the west and be outside the top 10 picks.
  11. Thanks for the update Avalanch. Good on Jensen. As much as I'd like to see him called up, I wonder if it would be better to just let him continue his tear in the AHL.
  12. How's Jensen doing? Still on fire? Does the AHL stop for olympic break also?
  13. It's nice to get some news on how Shinks recovery is going. Glad he's healing up well. Thanks for posting the article. I really am looking forward to seeing what he can do next year, either with the comets or us.
  14. Lol I had a good laugh from that for some reason. How's Bo doing since coming back from the world juniors? Nice to hear he wasn't hurt as speculated.
  15. 3-2 canucks. Kesler with the nucks opening goal.