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  1. Well said. Heck, I didn't even miss Lack. And unlike most of the people here would suggest about Lack fans, I liked Lack for his goaltending, not his social media presence. It's one game + pre-season and I don't want to jump any guns, but I can't help but feel the way this team has trended in the past month really shows Benning's strength as a scout and Willie's versatility as a coach.
  2. Hamhuis. Great reputation, long-time team member, top defender on this team, and experience with Canada at the Olympics. No-brainer for me.
  3. Baertschi is a way better shooter than either of those guys, and has much better vision, which he absolutely displayed in his 5 games before playing in the AHL playoffs, for which he had a good run with 15 points in 21 games.
  4. People who think Eddie is unproven are wrong, like the same people who thought Cory friggin' Schneider was unproven before we traded him. Markstrom has size and athleticism in abundance, years of AHL experience and has dealt with adversity every since he was 20 and thrown into the league by Florida well before he was ready. If he gets a run of games in any of the next two years and puts up reasonable numbers, that'll be huge for the final step of his development, I reckon. He's going to have more than 13 wins over this term, that's for sure. His most recent statistics and the belief from the Canucks management is telling of his ability.
  5. A minor league goalie to swap time with Cannata, and no one else. D spots should be parsed to Corrado, Clendening, and Weber if necessary, and a couple of prospects need to make the jump this year. We don't have room for Vermette with Vey, Horvat, and Richardson if he re-signs.
  6. I loved Lappy while he was here, but isn't it a bit late for that perhaps? If Richardson signs elsewhere then it's perhaps an option instead of having Vey and Horvat as our bottom 6 centres, but on no more than 2 years.
  7. I honestly have no idea what goalie you've been watching. He performed well for a rookie goalie in 13-14 and put up respectable numbers behind a severely injured and underperforming lineup, and his relief effort in Miller's stead last year was top notch and his save ratio in that stretch was near .930. He stole us several games.
  8. Never mind the fact Eddie Lack is quite a good goalie.
  9. Back to 3rd and 7th guys. NHL Network goofed.
  10. Source on this?
  11. Lack has less value than Talbot and Lehner, evidently. Stats favour Talbot while age and contract and potential favour Lehner. Return is still dismal, I agree. I think we can do better than that for Bieksa realistically.
  12. I get that this a deep draft, but 66th overall and a 2016 seventh rounder just hurts for a goalie of Eddie's quality.
  13. That's pretty endearing for fans. Local lad, plays like a fan favourite (less so these days) and knows Virtanen. Would be happy to pick this kid if we get a middle 2nd round pick. His numbers are good, for sure.
  14. He's poor in possession of the puck. He gives it away a lot and doesn't create a whole lot offensively. He lacks the same vision that Hamhuis and Tanev have. The signing seems necessary, but not sufficient. When our defense is as shallow as it is, quality-wise, a young-ish defender with some untapped potential is perhaps worth keeping. For what it's worth, Sbisa had a run of games in the regular season when things started clicking for him, and like you said, he's a physical presence. You can tell if you see him live, he throws some huge hits. I think a lot of fans think we could do better than him. He's 7th d-man quality on a squad like the 2011 one, but he makes the cut today.
  15. Why do you and other think Lack couldn't handle a full season as a starter? He's played over 100 NHL games! Add 20 more games per season to his repertoire, and he won't fall apart. This past season he played nearly every game in the 2nd half of the season.