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  1. Google street view circa 1901
  2. Columbus is the best
  3. Thanks for the reminder. I don't post often just when i feel strongly about something or in this case boredom. The theory behind the trade is that in 2-3 years we will be missing a number 1 center and duchene could help fill that void. There are rumors that Colorado would be interested in Trouba who is also a RHD. I feel like Tanev would give them more stability as he is a proven commodity who is still young and has a very reasonable contract. I wouldnt offer anything more then Sven to move up. If CBJ rejected that I would try to draft Dubois.
  4. Looking at the 2015/2016 Canucks team its obvious their are some gaps going forward. I have to proposals to help fix these inconsistencies and set us up for the future. Trade #1: Vancouver Trade: 5OA + Sven Baertschi Columbus Trades: 3OA Trade #2: Vancouver Trades: Chris Tanev + 2016 third round pick Colorado Trades: Matt Duchene We can then put Sutter on the wing and run Sedin-Duchene-Horvat down the middle plus we can get one of the Fins probably Puljujarvi. This would give us the number 1 Center going forward as well as increase are high end prospect pool. It makes us significantly weaker on the D but if we can resign Hammer he can be a stop gap while players like Hutton and Tryamkin develop.
  5. Can he still fly Voyager?
  6. I am wondering what you guys think of continuing to support the Canucks. Im a big believe in supporting your team even when they are losing. I myself have been to 2 games this year (student so cant afford to go to too many). However, after this year TDL and the rumors going around about either management incompetence or ownership meddling I feel like they have lost faith with me. I dont mind a rebuild, as it happens in sports often; however, if the Canucks are doing thing like keeping Hammer and Vrbata against all common sense I dont know if I can continue to give my hard earned money to a ownership that clearly is at least meddling a little. I feel like the only way for things to change with the ownership is to stop giving them money; its the only way to have our voices heard. You keep meddling and making ridiculous decisions dont expect me to spend 100$ to go to your game. What do you guys think? Will you continue to attend games? How will this effect your spending habits?
  7. They at least work hard and perform at the highest levels for their millions of dollars. I can think of plenty of millionaires/billionaires out there who deserve the cash far less. Get well soon Hammer.
  8. When was the last time a player got suspended for a hit on a Canuck. Always seems to be no suspension even when the hit is questionable.
  9. Could not have happened to a better person. The one person i would be ok with dying in a fiery plane crash.
  10. Best thing ever to happen to the Democrats.
  11. Anyone else notice that it gives her age and 21 and that the 17 month year old was the youngest of 3. Girl seriously has some problems and should not be pittied in the least. actually making me mad just knowing people like her exist in the world. I work with kids i usually have 20-25 of them at the time. If 1 went missing for 5-10 minutes you call the cops, 1 hour that unexcusable.
  12. I'm not pretending there is an end all be all solution. Either way I am far to busy to create a sound and fact checked argument, for which the internet is so fond of ignoring, for a bunch of internet troll who will likely response nonsensically. I suggest if you want to get more educated that you do some research on your own. Here is a great video that i watched in my 4th year conservation biology class.
  13. You are everything that is wrong with society and your arguments are not well thought out. The Tar sands are just about the worst place to get oil from. We should not be extracting from there at all. Scientific studies have shown that humans can only use about 60% of earth oil supply without causing irreparable and serious damage to our climate. That does not mean however that we have to stop using oil all together, it is far to important for that. However, we can limit are reliance on it and maybe not take it from the tar sands where you need to pump it out in the least environmentally friendly possible, but of course that would effect your money which is much more important to the narrow minded.
  14. People are mad about this? This is great news the pipeline is a horrendous idea that will only cause the alberta tar sands to become more developed when we should be moving away from our reliance on oil. Really glad Obama see's this unlike our current "Prime Minister"
  15. Im putting it down in writing Calgary is in for a big flop next year. If you look at last year they were never projected to be good it was only through overperforming defensemen and rookies that they did well. Im putting money on that trend not continuing as it often doesn't for rookies.