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  1. Benning Interview 1040..May 11,2017

    Maybe he takes a D at 5 and then trades for a Duchene, Reinhart, Landeskog... or maybe im just dreaming
  2. President Linden on Team 1040 Dec 21

    So in other word were going no where and staying the course
  3. .

    This is probably a result of him being so popular around the world. People like the idea of positive politics and liberal ideals. With the world so lacking in these commodities (see America or the UK for example) leaders like Justin Trudeau and Angela Merkel really stand out.
  4. Comments clearly dont understand the point of the video. These aren't the signs of every violent gun incident but being aware of your surrounding and the people who may be suffering around you is important. Just because chances are you will never be the one to notice and stop a violent gun incident doesn't mean you shouldn't still try to be more aware of the people hurting around you.
  5. Someone needs to make a montage of all the questionable hits on the Sedins and the suspensions they received for each(or lack there of). The NHL is so hopelessly bias against the Canucks this happens again and again.
  6. [Report] David Pastrnak suspended 2 games

    Hes been on fire in fantasy hockey.
  7. 1901 Ride Through Vancouver and Victoria

    Google street view circa 1901
  8. NHL logos with Vegas' flare

    Columbus is the best
  9. Thanks for the reminder. I don't post often just when i feel strongly about something or in this case boredom. The theory behind the trade is that in 2-3 years we will be missing a number 1 center and duchene could help fill that void. There are rumors that Colorado would be interested in Trouba who is also a RHD. I feel like Tanev would give them more stability as he is a proven commodity who is still young and has a very reasonable contract. I wouldnt offer anything more then Sven to move up. If CBJ rejected that I would try to draft Dubois.
  10. Looking at the 2015/2016 Canucks team its obvious their are some gaps going forward. I have to proposals to help fix these inconsistencies and set us up for the future. Trade #1: Vancouver Trade: 5OA + Sven Baertschi Columbus Trades: 3OA Trade #2: Vancouver Trades: Chris Tanev + 2016 third round pick Colorado Trades: Matt Duchene We can then put Sutter on the wing and run Sedin-Duchene-Horvat down the middle plus we can get one of the Fins probably Puljujarvi. This would give us the number 1 Center going forward as well as increase are high end prospect pool. It makes us significantly weaker on the D but if we can resign Hammer he can be a stop gap while players like Hutton and Tryamkin develop.
  11. Can he still fly Voyager?
  12. I am wondering what you guys think of continuing to support the Canucks. Im a big believe in supporting your team even when they are losing. I myself have been to 2 games this year (student so cant afford to go to too many). However, after this year TDL and the rumors going around about either management incompetence or ownership meddling I feel like they have lost faith with me. I dont mind a rebuild, as it happens in sports often; however, if the Canucks are doing thing like keeping Hammer and Vrbata against all common sense I dont know if I can continue to give my hard earned money to a ownership that clearly is at least meddling a little. I feel like the only way for things to change with the ownership is to stop giving them money; its the only way to have our voices heard. You keep meddling and making ridiculous decisions dont expect me to spend 100$ to go to your game. What do you guys think? Will you continue to attend games? How will this effect your spending habits?
  13. Canucks D Hamhuis nearing return [article]

    They at least work hard and perform at the highest levels for their millions of dollars. I can think of plenty of millionaires/billionaires out there who deserve the cash far less. Get well soon Hammer.
  14. No suspension

    When was the last time a player got suspended for a hit on a Canuck. Always seems to be no suspension even when the hit is questionable.
  15. Would you rather......

    Morbid Obesity Would you rather legally change your last name to hitler or never eat chocolate again?