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  1. lol really
  2. For your info, Germans did not bomb pearl harbour, the Japanese did. I know this is not a history lesson, but just a little tid bit. Your attempt at galvanizing cdc fans would have been more effective with this knowledge, but kudos at your attempt :-)
  3. Umm
  4. perfect that worked!!
  5. Anyone missing sound on their sportsnet one?
  6. lol
  7. Team is in a slump, simple as that. End of discussion.
  8. Good job refs, what a bloody joke, absolute crap, did anyone see lehtonen do a little jellyfish stutter step while Daniel was in front, not touching his skates. What an absolute joke, refs are only reason this game isn't tied and also why we are not on a bloody frackin power play to start third. Ashamed that I follow this corrupt sport.
  9. NHL 13 for the win