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  1. If you are going to Game 5 tomorrow, chant "FERLAND"

  2. [GDT] Canucks @ Flames | Game 4 | 7pm Flames lead series 2-1

    I like your enthusiasm. Go 'Nucks!
  3. Eddie Lack as our number 1.

    No. Stop now. No goalie controversy. Not again. BTW we have no proven backup.
  4. What Was Your First Canucks Game?

    November 3rd 1991, 3rd birthday. Vancouver vs. Edmonton at the Pacific Coliseum. 7-2 Vancouver final. got a wooden mini stick and started playing hockey with a pop can in the aisle.
  5. Kenins and next years Calder?

    Dorsett didn't practice yesterday, so he could be the odd man out... with the depth we have on the bottom 6, I feel like WD is going to be rotating games off down the stretch to combat fatigue.
  6. Jannik Hansen + (Horvat and Kenins)

    Stoned Handsen

    I believe he said "A good player goes to where the puck is, a great player goes to where the puck is going to be"... If you're just looking, then you're not doing anything productive.
  8. Jim Benning updates on Canucks Injuries and Goalie situation

    His past performances in the NHL was 43 games with Florida from '10-'11 - '13-'14 (time split between NHL and AHL) and appeared in 4 games with Vancouver last year... can't really judge him on that.
  9. Jim benning: "we are not looking to move kassian"

    Focusing on making the playoffs would give our young players a winning environment to develop in, as well as invaluable playoff experience early in their careers. Kassian is sitting for Mcmillan after a sub-par performance so Benning and Desjardins can see where they are at in terms of roster depth coming up to deadline day.
  10. Do the acoustics in Rogers just suck?

    How's this... Buy me a ticket, I'll go to the game and cheer the whole time, and you watch on CBC and tell me if you can hear me. If you can't, then they filtered the crowd volume... I say filtered, because the notion that the creators of the coast-to-coast hockey broadcast don't have the most up-to-date and advanced audio/visual equipment is just silly. No disrespect intended.
  11. Is Benning Done?

    Bring back the good ol' HamJuice play.
  12. [Article] Poll shows Linden and co have won back many; 70%+ are happy

    Really? Turn to soccer for excitement? Might as well pound some sand and watch grass grow. Get outta here wagoneer.
  13. Kudos to the Sedins

    AmexHiggins said: Unless their contracts are bought out, they will make the same regardless playing for the canucks or any other teams, so if they don't want to stay on a sinking ship, all they need to do is march up to JB's office and demand a trade, just like kesler. Already used both buyouts on Ballard and Booth. The Sedins probably still have 6-10 years left in them.They most likely won't finish their careers on the top line, but I believe that's more than enough time to finish off what people are calling a "rebuild" and be a contender again. Hopefully they can still be a key part of our offence when that time rolls around. They aren't going anywhere.
  14. Canucks to hire head coach after draft - Desjardins looks like front runner

    They said he was the frontrunner for the Pittsburgh job, but I guess he prefers Vancouver.