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  1. Ugh.... Haven't logged in for a long ass time, but had to log in for this. Knew it was going to happen, but it's still weird that it actually is. I have a weird lump in my chest..... 17 years is a long time. Can't believe it's over.
  2. What an absolute joke. Farking joke. Ugh
  3. Jai604

    Pokemon Go - Android / iOS

    Been playing a ton so far. Luckily I live downtown, so there are pokestops everywhere. I live on top of one, and two more are just a couple metres away, lol. Spent hours walking around catching pokemon with my girlfriend. Anyone notice that iPhone users seem to run into more pokemon? The gf is on iPhone and I'm on Android, and everytime I see something, so does she. Sitting at a pokestop with a lure module I never see anything, but she'll catch like 6-12 pokemon. I'm getting destroyed, lol, she's kicking my ass and I can't do anything about it lol. That being said, there is absolutely NO WAY they will reset or ban accounts because people have already been spending money on this game. There's way too much of a headache involved with all the paying customers for them to reset. Basically, those who are starting late or haven't been playing like crazy, good luck getting into a poke gym. You'll never have the chance at this point it seems.
  4. Jai604

    5th Overall: CDC 2016 Draft Consensus

    Dubois Sergachev (possibly trade down for him) Tkachuk I am almost certain Benning takes Dubois if he's still available at 5. If he's not, then things get interesting.
  5. The one-take of Jon Snow in the midst of the battle with cavalry thundering by, arrows wizzing around, and general mayhem, has got to be one of the best-filmed battle sequences I have ever seen in a film or on TV. Blew me away. Even though I knew the outcome, I was still on the edge of my seat. There were a couple moments when I thought Jon Snow was going to die again. They set that up well with that conversation he had with Melisandre about her not bringing him back should he fall in battle. The way they filmed the battle just felt so visceral. Really felt like you were there. Insane. Daenerys stuff.... zzzzzzzzzz. Still a cheesefest. Nice CGI though. Glad we didn't have to hear her recite her billion titles and then make a big stupid speech in Valyrian or Dothraki. Cringe.
  6. What a $&!# episode. They can't bother to show us the Blackfish fighting to the very last, but have all this screen-time for the $&!#ty play of the acting troupe, some random dudes sticking their fingers in each others' butt-holes zzzzzzzz. They brought back this badass character just to kill him off in the lamest way possible. And Arya's storyline has become such a $&!#-show. All that time 'training' in the House of Black and White for the most ridiculous and anti-climactic end. Apparently Arya is Wolverine, and can not only survive being sliced open and stabbed in the gut three times, but can quickly heal from said wounds in a day. Cool. Also, apparently Lady Crane is a fockin' maester, lmao. Not only does she have the skills of an ER doctor, she apparently just carries around a bunch of medical supplies because she used to "poke holes" in her boyfriends. What? I also can't believe nor can I understand how they've completely left out House Manderly in the North. The wealthiest house in the North and one of the largest, has absolutely no part to play in all of this crap in the North? zzzz Blegh
  7. Some thoughts: Dany's storyline: zzzzzzzzzz High Sparrow storyline: zzzzzzzzz Tormund + Brienne making eyes at each other: LOL Sansa and Jon reunited: Sansa having huge balls and ready to take back the North: Osha dying (which means Rickon is probably soon dead, too): Rickon has to die for Sansa and Jon's storylines to even make sense. With Rickon alive, he is the heir to Winterfell. Sansa has to claim, nor does Jon Snow (if he is indeed legitimized by Robb). Either way, for either of those characters to march on Winterfell, Rickon must die. I assume one of the flayed and burning bodies we've seen in the trailers for the large battle at Winterfell is probably Rickon's and now probably Osha's. This also means that the chance the Umbers are in fact traitors, has gotten higher. Pisses me off to all hell (since in the books they are as loyal as loyal gets) but D&D don't seem to care. Remains to be seen if they turn on the Boltons in the final battle or not, but I have my doubts. Looks like they'll be traitors. Also, what of House Manderly? Wonder what they'll actually end up doing. As far as I can tell, from the leaked casting call, Wyman Manderly should be making an appearance. But yeah, so as we now know, Jon has an army of only 2000 Wildlings. The Boltons have a force of 5000, and the Umbers and Karstarks are the two other largest Northern Houses who, for the time being, seem to have become traitors and sided with Ramsay. Since the Karstarks were not present at the Red Wedding, their military forces should be intact more or less. So Ramsay should have at least around 8000+ troops at his disposal. The only way Jon and Sansa have an even remote chance of winning the battle is if the Knights of the Vale do indeed show up. Would probably require some more loyal belligerents also, namely, the Mormonts of Bear Island and possibly House Manderly?
  8. So what do you guys think of the Umbers, after having watched episode 3?
  9. Oh, I'm sure he does. I'm sure he isn't a huge fan of that nor the incest and the bull$&!# Joffrey and Cersei pulled when Joff was king.
  10. I would imagine there will be some squaring off between Kevan and Cersei, as Kevan is now the Hand of the King, and the head of the small council. He pretty much gave her the middle finger last episode, and there is no way that doesn't come back to bite him in the ass at some point. That plus the fact that he is currently the head of House Lannister and Lord of Casterly Rock, I'm sure Cersei probably wants Kevan dead.
  11. That is interesting that they didn't name Jaime with a name beginning with TY. Tytos, Tywin, Tyrion. Never thought of that until now.
  12. That is indeed Tywin's younger brother, Kevan Lannister. He's the father of Lancel Lannister, the idiot squire to Robert Baratheon who eventually joined the Faith Militant under the High Sparrow. http://gameofthrones.wikia.com/wiki/Kevan_Lannister
  13. Jai604

    Evaluate This Trade!!!!

    Depends what kind of fantasy league you're playing. Single season? Long-term keeper league? Makes a huge difference. Judging by the trade proposed, it can't be a long-term keeper league.
  14. Jai604

    Brendan Gaunce Talk

    Thanks for posting that. That being said it looks like they filmed that with a toaster, lmfao. Gaunce deserved to make the team to start the season but it made sense to send him down. I knew he'd be the first call-up, so I'm glad he's got his chance now. Good luck to Gauncer!