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  1. Been playing a ton so far. Luckily I live downtown, so there are pokestops everywhere. I live on top of one, and two more are just a couple metres away, lol. Spent hours walking around catching pokemon with my girlfriend. Anyone notice that iPhone users seem to run into more pokemon? The gf is on iPhone and I'm on Android, and everytime I see something, so does she. Sitting at a pokestop with a lure module I never see anything, but she'll catch like 6-12 pokemon. I'm getting destroyed, lol, she's kicking my ass and I can't do anything about it lol. That being said, there is absolutely NO WAY they will reset or ban accounts because people have already been spending money on this game. There's way too much of a headache involved with all the paying customers for them to reset. Basically, those who are starting late or haven't been playing like crazy, good luck getting into a poke gym. You'll never have the chance at this point it seems.
  2. Personally I think Eriksson, Brouwer, and Lucic would be the best fits. No to Boedker and HELL NO to Vanek.
  3. Going to be a really tough division for years to come. I don't know if the Canucks will do well, lol. Gonna be rough. Albertan teams in particular loaded up.
  4. Man, I wonder what is going through Chychrun's head right now. Kunin at 15 is interesting.
  5. Hahahaha, what a crazy draft so far. God damn, lol.
  6. WHAT THE &^@# Why, CBJ, WHY? DAMN YOU KEKELAINEN DAMN YOU No way Edmonton passes on Puljujarvi, no way.
  7. Doesn't surprise me at all, really. Guy's track record speaks for itself.
  8. Dubois Sergachev (possibly trade down for him) Tkachuk I am almost certain Benning takes Dubois if he's still available at 5. If he's not, then things get interesting.
  9. Mhm, couldn't agree more. History has shown that the Oilers are pretty darn good at developing their prospects poorly. All the stories about his bad attitude must surely be tied to how he's been misused and mis-developed. If anyone were a prospect of his talent, I think most people would be pretty angry at how the Oilers have stunted his development. Gagner and Paajarvi are good examples of other players whose talents went to waste in Edmonton. Couldn't agree more that Edmonton deserves to eat the loss. I have absolutely no sympathy for a team that has been continually fed lotto picks year after year after year. Pathetic, really.
  10. If that's really the case, then clearly there's a lot to his game that is lacking. Perhaps the other 29 GMs see more to it than the rest of us. Obviously nobody has taken a chance on him for a 3rd round pick. Maybe GMs feel that Edmonton might even sell him for less at this point, if they get desperate enough.
  11. LOL, figures. If that's truly the case, we don't have the pieces to make that trade. I'm glad we don't. A trade for PK would gut our futures pool pretty badly.
  12. I wonder where Vrbata ends up? He can still play, although his last year will have hurt his value quite a bit.
  13. Trading Bo Horvat is a non-starter. I honestly can't see this trade happening. In all likelihood, it's the Oilers that have the pieces to land Subban. That being said, I don't know if they can take his $9m cap-hit considering they've got some big RFAs to give contracts to in the next few years. It would require quite a bit of work to make a deal like this work.
  14. You're right, actually, I wrote that without even thinking. Pretty sure he is waiver eligible, so in Van he would have to stay. Yeah, and I agree with you. The kid is still oozing potential. Clearly he's just been ruined in Edmonton's crap system, and has lost all of his swagger and confidence. In a better environment with the right coaching and patience, he could still be a top-6 forward easily someday. Definitely worth a 3rd round pick in my mind. I still doubt that price is that low at the moment. Perhaps at some point the Oilers may just have to accept that nobody wants him right now.
  15. I don't mind him coming here if the price is right. Clearly Lucic wants a 7-year contract. Do the Canucks get him at $6m per? I'd hope he could be had for less to come home, but that's just me dreaming, really. I suspect some idiot will give him 6.5 x 7. If Lucic were to come her for $5m x 7yrs, I could see it easily.