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  1. Why are you guys still complaining of black-outs? lol, just use a VPN already, so easy.
  2. You're not. Every year I get older, the more I think about this      And I don't understand why people around here are getting upset and offended.  Honestly, I think it's pretty spot-on.   Toronto and Vancouver fans have definitely had it rough, historically.  In the grand scheme of things, the last 45 years haven't been kind.
  3. Fantasy.   He's either going to Toronto or to a team on the brink of making a big push.   Honestly I'd say there is little to no chance he even considers Van a destination.   Truthfully, I don't he even fits into what we're trying to do cap-wise and such.  
  4. Nashville hangs up the phone pretty darn quick.
  5. You can't get the broadcast of local games shown in the area because the TV companies have the rights to those broadcasts in that area. Basically they restrict you from watching it in your local area so TV companies can force you to pay for TV.
  6. Basically doesn't happen because Winnipeg wouldn't have the cap space to even consider this.   That plus the fact this trade would just never happen anyways.
  7. I get Rogers Game Centre Live because I have a Rogers share everything plan and at first I was super annoyed that local games were blocked. Like another user noted, it's very easy to bypass the regional blackouts by using a VPN.  It's super quick and easy to install and use. There are lots of free VPNs that have anonymous browsing so you don't need to worry at all.  You could also pay around $5 a month for higher-end VPNs but just for streaming hockey games I wouldn't bother.   I'm currently trying out CyberGhost and it has been super easy to use and install.       For more information regarding VPNs: http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2390381,00.asp
  8. [GDT] VAN @ DAL | Oct. 29 | 5:30PM | SNV

    lol...... the &^@#ing refs
  9. [GDT] VAN @ DAL | Oct. 29 | 5:30PM | SNV

  10. [GDT] VAN @ DAL | Oct. 29 | 5:30PM | SNV

    lol, don't think I've ever seen Henrik chucking fists rofl
  11. [GDT] VAN @ DAL | Oct. 29 | 5:30PM | SNV

    Nice goal
  12. Evaluate This Trade!!!!

    Depends what kind of fantasy league you're playing.   Single season? Long-term keeper league?  Makes a huge difference.   Judging by the trade proposed, it can't be a long-term keeper league. 
  13. [Proposal] Van/Col

    No offense but this is a pretty bad proposal.
  14. Canucks Recall Biega and Gaunce

    Really glad to see Gauncer getting his shot.  He deserved to make the team out of camp, but of course it made sense for the club to have him start in Utica.
  15. The 3 "bad" trades...

    Sometimes you improve your team by subtraction.     Do you really think it would be a good idea for the kids to develop in an environment with Kassian around?  I was a fan of Kass when he was here and was really hoping he'd develop into the player we all know he could be, but he would be a bad influence on the younger guys.   Think about it, Zach is a highly likable guy but is into some bad stuff and didn't have the work ethic to take his game where it needed to be.  Not exactly the kind of player you want guys like McCann and especially Virtanen to be learning from. Prust on the other hand is a true warrior.  The guy gives it 110% every shift and sticks up for his teammates and is an underrated hockey player.  Great work ethic and team-centric mindset.   At the time the trade happened I think most people (including myself) were quite surprised and unhappy with the trade especially since it involved us sending the 5th round pick over to MTL as well, but with all the information and circumstances that have been revealed in the last few months, I don't see how anyone could still be unhappy about the trade.