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  1. Agreed. I wouldn't mind the logo they selected framed in a circle akin to what Minnesota has done with their home jerseys. For what it's worth, I hate the green they've used. If they're going to go with the Johnny Canuck logo and change our identity, they gotta keep our jerseys blue.
  2. Looks like Johnny Canuck has made its way onto a jersey being marketed and sold at Rogers Arena. Some speculation from TheScore here: (I felt this was worthy enough news to resuscitate this thread)
  3.|VAN|home What do you guys think? This video hinting towards the eventual adoption of a Johnny Canuck logo?
  4. I'm not sure if a previous post suggested this, but what if management merely modified the orca? What if instead of a whale "breaking out" of a 'c', the logo was our current 2D orca complete with a tail, in the shape of a 'c'. It would only be a slight modification. I always found the orca logo peculiar as it seems incomplete. I'd also get rid of the "Vancouver" lettering above the logo. Let's for a moment forget the orca-as-a-representation-of-Vancouver debate and judge this idea solely on aesthetics. Thoughts?
  5. Think he'd sign with us? And if so, how much would it cost? Would he do shorter term?
  6. This precisely. I'm no fan of the Orca, but it is our identifier now. Get rid of the godawful text above the logo. It looks cluttered. I honestly feel many of you would come to love our jerseys with this simple fix, and it wouldn't be major enough to stifle our "identity".
  7. Personally, I will love Kesler while he is a Canuck. But he has major personality issues, and should he bolts to the Blackhawks I'll have no issue hating the guy.
  8. Don't get me wrong, I love the Sedins, but Jagr is in an entirely different league. I don't think either of the Sedins could play at his age and continue to produce at his level.
  9. Late to the Game, but I just saw the Matt Cooke knee online. I'm shocked. I read a statement from him earlier that he was getting ready to shut down the Avs top line. That doesn't denote gooning it up. His history speaks for itself. The NHL should suspend him from 10 games or more. He clearly has an intent to injure and even if he we call it carelessness...just ask Marc Savard what carelessness can cause. Sorry, I'm just mad.
  10. Speaking to Apollo's comment about Torts forcing Weise out. Dregger tweeted this: Not sure if this was posted elsewhere, but I thought this was the right place. Thoughts?
  11. Seriously though, like many of you are saying: If Jim Feaster is hired... I don't even want to think about it. He completely mangled the Flames. He should not be given the opportunity to do the same here.
  12. Agreed! Personally, I didn't think firing Gillis was the best move. I would've given him the summer to correct our failings... BUT that said - No more of this 'reset' rhetoric. This team needs to be completely retooled. And a new GM will be distant enough from the organization's past decisions as to move players, perhaps even those with NTC's. Change is coming. Buckle up.
  13. I have the opposite view. I desperately want the cup to return to Canada...just not with the Habs. I live in Montreal, and their fans are the worst when it comes to this topic. I have friends who have gone on record to say they'd rather an American team win than a Canadian team...not for the separatist dribble youd imagine, but because they hate the idea that another team would be "the last Canadian team to win a cup". Still clinging to 1993. Not to mention the whole 24 Stanley Cups argument as a rebuttal against everything. Ughhh I hate Habs fans... I'd even rather Toronto win a cup.
  14. The full set, as per
  15. What I absolutely cannot stand about claims that these players were "steals" given they fell from their projected positions is this: Perhaps other teams passed up on them because they're simply not good enough. This is true of Schroeder (although I'll admit his injury woes have hampered his development) and this is probably true of Gaunce. I also cannot stand when Gillis says: "We've had our eyes on this guy for a while now" in response to almost every move he makes. (Roy, Dalpe, etc.) GMMG - Please get your eye's checked! Sincerely, a shocked, exasperated fan.