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  1. Canucks will sign either Erhoff or Bieksa based on their playoff performances this year unless they both take enormous discounts which I doubt will happen. Here are the pros and cons of Erhoff and Bieksa. Erhoff - makes powerplay better - durable - can easily gain the offensive zone - Canucks are 4-0 against Blackhawks when he scores - takes unnecessary penalties - horrible givaways Bieksa - right-handed - blocks many shots - physial presense - logs big minutes - not as durable - takes some penalties - fights when unnecessary
  2. It is pretty funny for Bieksa to get a -1 in 5-1 Canucks Win. (Shows how overpaid he is)Alberts provides more offense and grit than bieksa. Barring injury, I see him getting traded, waived, or gone to press box in January at this rate
  3. <br /><br /><br /> Agreed. Bieksa doesn't help the team at all. The Canucks were 18-5-2 without him and 31-23-5 with him in the lineup last year