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  1. Changes needed?

    Tactical tank?
  2. Farewell to one of the all-time best.
  3. say things to twilight

    Spoiler Spoiler Spoiler Spoiler Spoiler Spoiler Spoiler I like you              
  4. True. But I was more talking about the tenure of today being people identifying themselves as these oppressed minority groups that the whole world is treating poorly. That's why I said "perceived minority."
  5. Not just natives. Any minority or anyone who perceives themselves to be a minority do this.
  6. Highschool: Hated it or loved it?

    Hated it. In hindsight, I didn't try nearly hard enough to hang out with friends or do good work. Just sort of floated.
  7. I'm sure Miller will be the first one to admit this loss is all on him but the team just can't keep playing as sloppy as they are. I've never seen so many odd man rushes.
  8. Okay, it appears to be working now. That was weird.
  9. [GDT] VAN @ CBJ | 7e/4p

    So Gulutzan is our special teams coach right? Why in God's name is he still here?
  10. [PGT] Canucks lose in OT 4-3.

    We are officially a joke.
  11. [GDT] VAN @ NJD | Sunday Nov. 8th | 2PM | SNP/MSG

    Well there's some good I guess.
  12. [GDT] VAN @ NJD | Sunday Nov. 8th | 2PM | SNP/MSG

    Boys, boys, boys...Start picking it up for Christ's sake.
  13. [GDT] VAN @ NJD | Sunday Nov. 8th | 2PM | SNP/MSG

    Oh Edler...  
  14. Awesome! Ovi the next NHL player to dis the 3-on-3. Hopefully we can get rid of it by year's end.

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Ghostsof1915

      4 on 4 until someone wins. Play till you drop.

      3 points for a regulation win.

      1 point for an overtime win.

      0 points for a loss at anytime. 

      Games will stop going to overtime I bet. 

    3. Spoderman

      The problem with 4v4 is that it'll take too much time to find a winner. The whole point of OT and SO is to find a quick winner so that teams can make their flights.

    4. Edlerberry

      its also because tv timeslots like to be fixed.