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  1. Did he say that? Did he defend them for threats? No. *$&@! right off with that PC noise.
  2. Lotta complaining but I love it as a 3rd jersey. I would agree with the disgust if it were our main but it's a nice change of pace every once in a while and a nice callback.
  3. Vote on the Canucks' alternate jersey for 2019-20

    Voted Flying Skate. I like the 3rd jerseys to actually be different and the Flying V sucks.
  4. Kesler, Johansen exchange jabs over Twitter

    That's awesome!
  5. Stars now with hockey with hair

    Laine actually looks better but he needs to do something drastic to overcome that ugly mug.
  6. [Signing] Islanders re-sign Brock Nelson

    LOL You don't say.
  7. Elite Prospects new Duo Article

    ^ Agreed. Kid is the real deal.
  8. Ducks unveil third jersey

    This is definitely a step up from these: It's also closer to the original, as well.
  9. Horvat or Pettersson for #1 Center ?

    Dude, the guy is 19. We have no idea where he is best. He's as much a center as he is a winger.
  10. Fortnite Squads

    I have far too many time sinks on my hands. I don't need another.