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  1. Baba Booey! Baba Booey!
  2. ^ This. So many people have learned nothing. Politicians DO NOT work for the people. They are just as greedy as anybody else and work for the highest bidder. The only thing that makes you a politician is that you are professionally trained to BS better than others.
  3. Haha, I forgot this one and I think this all the time. George (or I should say Larry David) and I are so much alike.
  4. O Holy Night. The very best Christmas song.
  5. .

  6. Never liked Murphy. Too much of a liability defensively.
  7. It took to the bottom of page 3 for someone to finally say our goaltending let us down. 4 goals on 7 shots. That says it all.
  8. TSN should just quit. Absolutely embarrassing that they have 5 channels.
  9. Lui's Knob is back! Let the thumbs down reign! Things look bad now but I will still remain patient for a little bit longer into the season. Even if we do stink, this goal scoring drought is still unusual. We have just happened to hit ours at the beginning of the year here.
  10. The debate was most likely rigged but this hand gesture video is a stretch.