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  1. Thanks, I guess. Maybe next year we can prevail. Need to get a tough power forward in the top 6.

  2. Hello there how's it going you got a cool profile.:)

  3. This picture of Jannik shows what it takes for the playoffs. Don't get flustered by bad calls, or take bad penalties. Focus on the road ahead, and the goal on the horizon. Let nothing get in the way.

    © © Randy Stubbs

  4. My favorite skull, with Canuck Bandana, basking in the reflected glow of the cup, and the open road ahead.

    © © Randy Stubbs

  5. Was thinking of doing Kesler next. Any requests?
  6. Hopefully the Sedins could see this. That would make my day.

  7. Hand Drawn sketch, colored in Photoshop.

    © © Randy Stubbs

  8. Sketch by Randy Stubbs. Drawn from image taken by Staff Photog. Pencil original, color overlays in Photoshop.

    © © Randy Stubbs