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  1. We could have won 3 games all season, and those league charity cases in Alberta still would have won the Draft Lottery. It sure stings to watch the odds slip away in the meaningless last few games.
  2. I'm outraged by this solid effort and quality finishes. Hoping for a 12-11 loss. #tanknation
  3. Given how subjective these suspensions are he could have had 12 suspensions in the last year and I'm not sure it would make a difference considering Keith is on one of the league's marque teams. They'll probably rest him until the play-offs and call it a day, much like what happened when Keith took out Sedin a few years back.
  4. It was a stupid play and probably deserved a single game, more as a learning experience than anything else. The last thing we want him turning into is Matt Cooke. That said, if you look at the hits that get no suspension from the DoPS, it makes me think they do shots and use a dart-board blindfolded to figure these suspensions out. If Keith doesn't get the rest of the regular season and at least two play-off games I would call it a joke given his history.
  5. Vey is clearly a first line centre. On a team aiming for a top 3 pick that is!! Maybe Benning is a genius!!
  6. Does anyone actually want to see this team in the play-offs? Can you imagine four games against the Kings? It's taken a long time, but I'm now officially a card carrying member of Team Tank.
  7. Disgusting comment by Burrows and definitely over the line, hopefully that type of trash talk is long behind him. That said, the reason this comes out now is clearly to gather some attention and sell more books which I also find offensive.
  8. Go well soon Hammer....who the hell was that taking the shot Jiri Slegr? If Dan's face hadn't stopped the puck, it would have hit Fin in the Upper Deck.
  9. Passionate fans who care (too deeply in many cases) for their team should never be called the, "worst fans in the league". That should be reserved for the apathetic groups in Florida, Carolina and Arizona who in spite of $5 tickets, that come with a beer and parking, still aren't interested in watching NHL hockey. Canuck fans have watched their team build to multiple President's Trophies, and a Stanley Cup Final appearance, only to see it all slip away with a long re-build in front of us. It's frustrating as hell when you have to start wondering if the Canucks will win a Cup in your life-time. That said, I think we have good people running the team, and my hope is ownership will allow them to do what's necessary to build a contender, not just a team that limps into the play-offs and gets pummelled in the first round.
  10. The quality of the TSN radio broadcasts for Canucks coverage has gone in the tank lately. Maybe it's just that we're used to legends like Robson, Larsheid, Hughson, but Abbott and Tomlinson are like a stiff kick in the crotch, and the morning show crew is terrible as well.
  11. This is like being slowly poisoned. Not sure I can survive a year of this crap.
  12. We are just so freaking terrible at 3 on 3....
  13. I sense an overtime loss coming, if we're lucky.
  14. I see the Canucks 0-16 in 3v3 this season.