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  1. Yay Manny had a successful surgery! :D

    1. Brad Marchand

      Brad Marchand

      Still a ways to go for him, but at least this step went well.

    2. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      great news.....i hope he can have a decent quality of life at least and come back if he can.

  2. Thanks for your time on this Intoewsables, it was great
  3. May I be traded to a contender too? I has given up on Nashville :D
  4. 115 pts and no playoffs... 14 PIM IN 82 GMS THATS LADY BYNG WORTHY RIGHT THERE EDIT: Not that ts matters, but how long is Kevin signed? Cause he's only makes 50k/ season
  5. I guess Li's not testing free agency, so he's gotta lead the Preds himself alone...
  6. 69-67-136 in 82 games, Stammer, Gill and Li are beasting on the Preds. Stanley Cup is next guys
  7. Li and Gill ARE ON THE SAME TEAM? We gon tear it up in Nashville :D
  8. Kevin is not good enough to get onto a team EDIT: I meant TOO good
  9. Emery call up to Ducks soon? :|

    1. M.Lapierre.40


      YES then i will laugh at my duck friend FOREVER!!!

    2. Chip Kelly

      Chip Kelly

      He doesn't need waivers.

  10. No personal info added Skater: First Name Kevin Surname Li D.O.B (dd/mm) 08-08 Place Of Birth Hong Kong Nationality Chinese 2nd Nationality Canadian Primary Position LW Secondary Position RW Height(cm) 175 cm Weight(kgs) 69 kg Handedness Right Favourite Number 37 Favourite Club Vancouver Canucks Disliked Club None (and if that doesn't work, Edmonton Oilers) Junior Preference Pro. Major Junior Junior Club Burnaby Winter Club Role Offensive Role 15 Defensive Role 15 Role Total 30 Points Left 0 Staff Attributes Adaptability 9 Ambition 10 Determination 15 Loyalty 7 Pressure 9 Professionalism 10 Sportsmanship 10 Temperament 5 Staff Total 75 Points Left 0 Offensive Attributes Deflections 7 Dekeing 8 Faceoffs 1 Passing 8 Slapshot 6 Stickhandling 8 Wristshot 8 Offensive Total 46 Points Left 0 Defensive Attributes Checking 10 Pokecheck 8 Positioning 10 Hitting 10 Strength 8 Defensive Total 40 Points Left 0 Mental Attributes Anticipation 11 Bravery 10 Flair 10 Leadership 10 Teamwork 10 Workrate 11 Vision 11 Mental Total 73 Points Left 0 Physical Attributes Acceleration 11 Agility 11 Balance 8 Injury Proneness 2 Pace 10 Stamina 9 Physical Total 67 Points Left 0
  11. From Like It's Dynamite to Unstoppable :D

    1. :D


      What is it specifically that makes you Unstoppable?

    2. The Wizard of AZ

      The Wizard of AZ

      No he can't be defeated

    3. SpinDrive


      So you're not explosive anymore?