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  1. Thanks for another great year Canucks. i know it hurts, but you acomplished more then what we lost. I'll never forget this year it's been a hell of a ride. Thanks again i still BELIEVE IN YOU!!! GO CANUCKS GO!!! Thanks again-Dryden

    1. smithers joe

      that was the greatest ride yet....we should all be very appreciative of the work and effort and dedication they expelled to bring us to game 7 of the scf....for those who believe that anything short of the cup, was a wasted year, you missed one hell of a ride...your loss.

    2. Tough As Salo

      Well said, Joe.

  2. A heart breaking loss to the Bruins:( I feel so bad for Kes I almost felt like crying too.

  3. Go Canucks Go! 1 more win and we have the Stanley cup! Cant wait! Ruin the Bruins!

  4. Round 4- Got nothing Bruin! (or) Ruin the Bruins!

  5. Round 3- No way Jose!

    1. Mr.DirtyDangles


    2. Bobby Luuu

      Hahaaha the first two i heard on CBC, but ya i think I did get this from you! Thanks you you've got a creative mind:) Credits to Bryan Mcabe.24 on this!

  6. Round 2- Tennesse ya!

  7. Round 1- Blackhawk down!

  8. Hey can anyone tell me what pm means? Thanks:)

  9. We won Presidents!!!!! Whooooooo!!!!!!


  11. So excited for my dad's team (kings) to take a beating in Van-City best of luck 2 the Nux!!! I predict 4-0 us, GO CANUCKS GO!!! :)

  12. Holy crap Detroit took a beating from the Blues today 10-3 wow!!!

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    2. Mr.DirtyDangles

      Ahahahahahhaha loooooovin' this wooooooo 10 - 3 :P

    3. Bobby Luuu

      Im with ya there to bud haha:)

    4. The Brahma Bull

      music to my ears.

  13. Clinched Western Conference!!!!! Wooooo! And 3 more points an we get presidents! Go Canucks Go!!!

  14. So glad Manny had his second successful eye surgery today. Hope you're future is very bright and hope you have 100% recovery

  15. Hope Hammer can recover quick on his second concussion.

    1. Mr.DirtyDangles

      Canuckle nation is rooting for you Hammer . Get well soon :)

    2. Bobby Luuu

      First to post on my wall thanks man! Totally though get better soon Hammer:D