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  1. ”I've always felt we weren't physical enough on the back line. Now there's a no-parking sign in front of our net.” - Dean Lombardi

  2. Sup fellow Abbotsfordian one

  3. ‎"Coincidence" is only a word for those who don't believe in Destiny

    1. Shattenkirk's Bald Spot

      Shattenkirk's Bald Spot

      What a coincidence you would say this on I night I was discussing destiny.

    2. Perry Henis

      Perry Henis

      "Destiny" is only a word for those who don't believe in Coincidence

  4. Time is of the essence, but what if the clock is wrong

    1. Captain Bob

      Captain Bob

      A broken clock is right twice a day.

  5. Lineup with nobody injured

    I think Sammy Burrows and Tambellini are possible line mates of the Sedins..but bolduc instead of rypien schafears good on the penalty kill but with burrows kesler malhotra will we still need schaefer? tambellini instead glass depending if we need grit that game or skill that game